The lower the water consumption,

the happier the people and the environment.


If you are smart,

reduce your water consumption.


The water bill which

the environment is happy about.


The best fittings protect the environment

and your wallet at the same time.


Smart people have more money

for fine things.



Good for the wallet - good for the climate

It has never been more important to save water and energy and thus protect both the environment and your wallet. Our mixers and showers with water-saving technology make a valuable contribution and pay for themselves in no time with their the-art technology. Find out more now and discover our sustainability champions.
Water is energy –
but how much?

The energy required for hot water production in bathrooms and kitchens and the resulting costs are considerable. The energy advisory service of the Rhineland-Palatinate consumer advice centre provides the following comparison for Germany based on average values:

Save water and money

Five litres or less
per minute as standard

With our ingenious aerator technology, the water is enriched with air and in this way the flow rate of our washbasin and kitchen fittings is reduced to 5 litres or less per minute. So you can #stayfluid in complete relaxation.

Saving water
when showering

With the ingenious flow limitation for showers, the flow rate is reduced to 9 litres per minute. This saves you money for the finer things in life - without having to sacrifice showering comfort.

Water only as required
Sensor fittings

Water only when you really need it - and your hand movement activates the sensor. This way, less water is wasted and your budget is protected. In addition, the flow rate is reduced as standard. So you save twice.

40 % Energieersparnis.
100 % #flüssigbleiben.

The water-saving products from KLUDI are accompanied by enormous energy savings, as less water needs to be heated thanks to flow limitation. Based on a study by the Ingolstadt University of Technology, it can be concluded that a 39° Celsius shower bath with a nine-litre overhead or hand shower from KLUDI saves 40 % energy. This is clearly noticeable in the purse and conserves resources and the environment.

For a family of four that showers daily and has 325 days of presence at home, this adds up to a saving of 2,730 kWh per year. If we now assume a gross gas price of 8 euro cents per kilowatt hour, the operating costs fall by just over 218 euros.

Conserve even more

Make a noticeable change with KLUDI and save not only on water and energy but also on packaging material. No plastic - no problem!


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