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INNOVATIONS for enjoying your daily shower

Form and function in perfect harmony – that’s the basis of good design. Each KLUDI shower head series offers a distinct aesthetic, but all are built to be functional down to the smallest details. KLUDI works continuously to integrate new innovations, turning each product into a technical masterpiece. For a refreshing, completely perfect well-being experience.

Unique showering enjoyment

KLUDI shower heads come in different design lines to meet the needs of any modern bathroom decorating style. Hand shower heads are available as both a 1S design with one jet type (volume) and a 3S version with three jet types (volume, smooth and booster).

KLUDI shower hygiene

Hygiene is an important topic, especially in your shower, and the KLUDI emptying function creates additional hygiene. A lever at the base of the shower head allows you to manually release extra water after using the hand shower head.

No dripping, no fuss. More hygiene.

Mini aerators

Calcium deposits won’t be a problem anymore thanks to our new mini aerators. You’ll be able to simply brush calcium off with your finger. Included as a standard feature on the KLUDI FIZZ, KLUDI A-AQ s, KLUDI FRESHLINE and KLUDI LOGO series.

Innovative, functional design

Here’s just one example of our innovative design concepts: the shower head bracket for the KLUDI FIZZ series allows you to use the hand shower as a head shower as well. This makes it easy to exchange the shower head if necessary. You can also, of course, adjust the position and angle according to your needs.

Water-saving technology

Water is our most important resource. Heating water is, however, a significant energy-drain. This is a great reason to treat the wet stuff as a valuable commodity. Our water-saving Eco-model shower heads save up to 40% of your water. This helps you protect resources – not to mention saving a pile of money in the process.

The KLUDI SUPARAFLEX SILVER Eco shower hose can do even more: with a simple twist, you can save up to 90% of water used. And the less water you heat, the more CO2 you save – a helpful contribution to climate protection.

Simple renovation

If you’re facing a renovation project or are interested in long-term installation, adjustable and variable positioning are important requirements. With the KLUDI A-QA v wall bar, it’s possible to continue using pre-existing drilled holes.

Solid manufacturing and solid materials

The KLUDI headquarters in Germany make a clear statement: we know what German quality means.

We produce long-lasting products in high quality in our manufacturing location in the heart of Germany to meet this demand. All production steps in manufacturing our shower heads occur in-house at KLUDI. This means we can guarantee the best possible quality for finishing and materials.

Service and ease of installation

Our products are always accompanied by detailed and easy to understand installation instructions. This ensures ease of installation.Besides the typical German two-year guarantee, we offer a KLUDI manufacturer’s guarantee of five years on all of our products. We also guarantee you will be able to purchase replacement parts for up to ten years – even after the model is no longer produced.




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