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Intuitive operation
Your daily life is complicated enough

Intuitive operation regardless of age or physical skills. No complicated turning and pressing – the operation is reduced to the essentials.

Things under control...

A 40° inclination of the operating element is ergonomically perfectly aligned to the human body. No matter for which body size, whether operated from a sitting or standing position. The large controls are designed to fit your hand perfectly, providing a secure grip.

Pure shower delight

All the best comes from above - with the COCKPIT in form of a lush, soft shower rain pouring from the large head or hand shower. The rectangular spray surfaces, which are designed to resemble the human body's silhouette, ensure pleasantly generous moistening and maximum water delight.

More storage

The COCKPIT is conceived for storage. Shampoo, shower gel and everything you need in the shower will find its place. Therefore we designed the tray to be so stable that you will find a secure hold in the shower if necessary - for example when washing your feet or shaving your legs.

Showering pleasure

To discover your shower dream, two things must fit: Temperature and volume of water - just the way you prefer. Two regulators are enough. Simply turn until you reach your preferred setting. Very intuitive, very comfortable and without any effort - no matter if you are left- or right-handed.


Modern, elegant, urban
With its soft lines, its elegantly curved contours and its reduced shape, KLUDI COCKPIT Discovery makes your shower a stylish place to relax. Its modern appearance is a perfect match for the urban lifestyle of our time.

The sustainable difference

With the COCKPIT, we have taken new, unusual paths in the choice of materials. For you - to set new standards in terms of durability, value and environmental friendliness.


The longer a product performs reliably, the better it is for our environment. That's why our COCKPIT Discovery is made of particularly high-quality and durable materials to ensure that you can enjoy your dream shower for a long time to come. We mainly use solid, durable materials made of metal instead of plastic.


We are the first valve specialist to use aluminium as a material for our COCKPIT shower system. That way, we ensure maximum precision in manufacturing. Together with the naturally hard coating, the tray is resistant to impact, scratches, corrosion and is particularly easy to clean. The aluminium is almost 100 percent recyclable and can therefore be reused.

We appeal for the conscious use of water

In the hot summer months with maximum temperatures of 40° C/ 104 °F, it is particularly apparent that water is a vital and precious resource that is also limited in our regions. Even if it may be difficult for you in a dream shower like our COCKPIT Discovery - with your habits you can contribute to a sustainable use of the resource water.

Plastic-free packaging

We have almost completely banned plastics from the packaging of our COCKPIT. It consists primarily of cardboard made from recycled waste paper. What looks like plastic bags are actually made from corn starch and is completely biodegradable.

Not 1, not 2 – but 5 years guarantee
High-quality workmanship "Made in Germany" - for us at KLUDI this is the standard for the quality of our products. That´s why we attach great importance to high-quality materials and precise workmanship. And on product control: no faucet, no shower leaves our factories without being carefully inspected - after each processing step. This is why we give a five-year guarantee on our COCKPIT Discovery. So that you can take dream showers in complete relaxation!
Easy to clean
Cleaning Tips

Without disruptive edges or unnecessary joints!

In just a few steps, you can keep your shower clean and as good as new. With the COCKPIT, we paid great attention to easy-care and easy-to-clean treatment during product development.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure that your showering pleasure does not end after showering.
+ + +

Innovation is for us when our products offer you as a user a noticeable added value and thus improve your life. We live this philosophy when we develop new solutions. This is why KLUDI was awarded "Most Innovative Brand 2019" by Plus X Award. In addition, our KLUDI COCKPIT Discovery was awarded – amongst others – with the coveted "German Innovation Award 2019" - just as it should be for a dream shower.

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Quick and clean assembly

Whether new construction or renovation - a building site can be tedious and dirty. Not with the COCKPIT Discovery. Six drill holes are sufficient for fixing. Once the holes have been drilled, the assembly of the individual parts by a skilled craftsman takes only nine minutes.

This saves time and money!


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