Philosophy - independence & flexibility

The KLUDI world is all about the emotional and functional use of water. KLUDI is an experienced specialist for bathroom and kitchen fittings, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions.

Global – where we do business

KLUDI worldwide

KLUDI is German – and international. Although our designs and technology are developed in Germany, our international team and our international brand positions us worldwide as an international company.

Environmental Protection -
Environment & sustainability

Sustainable management and environmental protection are intrinsic to our corporate philosophy and our business operations.

Ideas -
What we have developed

KLUDI has been driving developments in its sector since 1926 with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchens and bathrooms.

Many features of modern fittings and showers were developed in Menden. And some of them are still only available from KLUDI.

Product philosophy: We manufacture quality of life


We create bathroom and kitchen fittings that are far more than just water dispensers.

KLUDI fittings provide daily quality of life – in form, function and value – not least because they allow the user to enjoy their experience with water. 


Design -
We design form

The visionary: Michael Stein, designer for KLUDI.

Since 2000 he has been KLUDI’s exclusive design partner and during this time he has been responsible for successful products.

“Design is more than just form. Design is a combination of form and function that has the effect of inspiring people.” Michael Stein.

References -

You can find Kludi fittings in many renowned hotels, outstanding hospitals, nursing and care facilities, the housing industry and countless public buildings all over the world. In the architecture of these buildings fittings are one component that fits in with any environment without being obtrusive and yet still provides crucial solutions for problems in planning.

Our reference projects

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Quality & passion

KLUDI never compromises on quality and is fully committed to sustainable international expansion.Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ requirements and surpass their expectations with innovative ideas that deliver lasting value and perfect products.

We respond promptly and professionally to market demand and changes.We offer premium quality design that is perfect in form and function

KLUDI thinks globall

Although our designs and technology are developed in Germany, our international team and our international brand positions us worldwide as an international company.

Production locations: Menden/Germany, Hornstein/Austria, Diósd/Hungary, Ras al-Khaimah/United Arab Emirates
Distribution companies: Benelux, France, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, China
Sales offices: Dubai, Russia, Taiwan, Portugal, Vietnam, Philippines

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We aim to be close to our customers and we encourage direct experience sharing.


Round 1,000 staff members in the Kludi group develop, produce and market products for specialist trade and craft companies in more than 100 countries around the world. From its headquarters in Menden, the Kludi company group manages 16 international sales organisations.


The products are manufactured in three European production facilities. In addition, a joint venture in the United Arab Emirates operates an independent production facility.

Top Manufacturers

KLUDI is among the leading bathroom and kitchen fittings suppliers in 20 countries.

Revolutionary ideas

KLUDI has been driving developments in its sector since 1926 with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchens and bathrooms. What started in 1926 as a small workshop has grown into a brand-name manufacturer with an international focus.


Our success is founded on our own research and development activities. They drive innovations and lay the foundations for our future.

KLUDI has changed greatly over the years, but our core has remained the same: a successful, mid-sized company.

Made in Germany

Our research and development teams are highly qualified and experienced specialists in their fields. They all share the motivation of turning a visionary idea into a genuine bathroom or kitchen product.

The quality of our products reflects the quality of our employees!

We develop the future

In order to offer our customers state-of-the-art products at all times, our research and development experts collaborate with renowned universities and research institutes, as well as with recognised design experts. We are quick to identify market trends, bring them into line with our customers’ requirements and implement them in clever products.

Milestones –
Ideas that write history

Right: KLUDI AMBA - Discover Now


The first hybrid kitchen mixer tap for optional automatic or manual water flow control.Touch-free operation makes it possible to use the tap even when both hands are full.Individually adjustable water flow and temperature.


The kitchen mixer tap with seven centimetre telescopic arm for a precisely targeted water flow.Range is further extended by a 76 centimetre long, low-noise extendable hose.


Innovative in-wall box for all KLUDI concealed applications.Easy-to-install with built-in silencer, integrated flush set and flexible elastomer jacket.Suitable for all piping systems and wall structures.


Basin mixer with telescopic function – elevating the fitting by an additional ten centimetres if necessary.

In the base position (right) this feature is invisible.

KLUDI micro-thermostat

The world’s smallest thermostatic control unit. The development of this micro-cartridge is what made thermostat fittings with very narrow and delicate designs possible.


A washing machine and dishwasher stop valve integrated in the mixer tap.Simple and convenient opening and closing of the water flow for all appliances.

Bayonet mixer

For mounting under the kitchen window.Simply lift out the tap, lay it on its side and open the window.

KLUDI s-pointer

Adjust the angle of flow with the s-pointer.Set the s-pointer so that the water flow is perfect for the washbasin – and reduce splashing!

KLUDI drain function

Drain the shower head after use to eliminate residual water.Prevents dripping and lime scale, and eliminates the need for additional cleaning.


KLUDI PLUS is the innovative way to control water flow in concealed systems. The flow can be controlled easily with the push of a button.

A selection button allows you to divert the flow of water to your hand, head, or side shower, or to fill your bathtub. The push buttons are easy to feel any time – even with foam in your eyes.

Dates & facts

The Kludi family company was founded in 1926. What started as a small company in beautiful Menden developed continuously until it became a corporation with an international presence.


KLUDI is an international company that develops and manufactures bath and kitchen fittings, showers and bathroom accessories. The company was founded in 1926 in Menden in Westphalia (Sauerland region). It is still headquartered there today.


KLUDI enjoys the independence of being a family-owned company. Flat hierarchies and short decision paths provide freedom and flexibility. Over 1,000 employees working worldwide understand the value of this system.

Divisions & product range

Divisions: Bathroom brand, kitchen brand, trademark product range: bathroom fittings, showers, accessories, fixtures, specialised fittings and kitchen fittings.

Locations & distribution

KLUDI products are developed at the German headquarters, manufactured at two further european locations and used in more than 100 countries around the globe.


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