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Bathroom: Innovations and product highlights

Reinterpreting tradition

MODERN CLASSICS – While these words may seem contradictory at first, they are actually a perfect combination. Tradition-conscious design language harmoniously dovetails with delicate minimalism to create timeless elegance and special value.

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Shower system in trendy matt black

Hand shower, overhead shower, wall bar, thermostat: all components perfectly coordinated. An aesthetically well-composed statement for the stylish bathroom, accentuated once again by the high-quality, matt black powder coating. Created for extraordinary shower experiences.

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Perfect design – intuitive operation

The KLUDICOCKPIT shower systems make showering a true experience for all the senses – perfect design, premium materials, intuitive and simple operation, technical refinement and genuine quality Made in Germany.

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Satisfying showers at the press of a button

KLUD-PUSH is an innovative diverter for concealed installations. You can control the water flow at the push of a button. The new technology makes it even more convenient and perfects the design. When not in use, the buttons are flush with the wall panel. When in use, the buttons protrude slightly, making them easy to find with your fingers when your eyes are closed under the shower.

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Market innovation
Converter PUSH & SWITCH

Basic pull-up diverters are a thing of the past! The new PUSH & SWITCH function offers convenient, smooth switching at the push of a button – in showers or baths.

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Kitchen: Innovations & product highlights

Now with L-shaped spout

Our KLUDI-E-GO electronic kitchen fitting is the perfect aid for your sink. Alongside the curving C-shaped spout, the fitting will soon be available with the new L-shaped spout. Every model is available as either battery-powered or with a mains power supply.

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Sensor at the sink
Distinctive deep matt black finish

The new deep matt black surface finish (66) is now available in the KLUDI range for the first time. This deep black colour makes the KLUDI-E-GO series with its C and L-shaped spouts the perfect choice for modern, minimalist architecture.

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The classic fitting with outstanding functionality

A modern, dynamic design with pioneering features – as unique as your kitchen.

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Modern geometry

The delicate and straightforward lines of KLUDI-M2 blend perfectly into modern kitchen settings, offering outstanding functionality and great convenience.

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Functional aesthetics

Express your personal style in your kitchen: Precision geometry, reduced to the essentials, combined with authentic materials. Add architectural highlights with the KLUDI-L-LINE fittings.

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Discover our technologies and products for saving water.

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Minimalism in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the central places in the home, often the most hectic and turbulent part of our lives. This versatile room is not only used for cooking, but also for eating, communicating and living. The minimalist style therefore offers an ideal contrast to the hustle and bustle and creates an aesthetically pleasing environment that radiates calm, order and efficiency.

Less is more:
minimalism in the kitchen
Simple. Sustainable. Plastic free.

This change is hard to miss. A new sustainable packaging concept has replaced our standard packaging for all three series in the range. Not only does the packaging look and feel good, it’s also certified.

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Immerse yourself in inspiring shower worlds

With KLUDI-DIVE, we are redefining showering entirely. New spray types, unique design and high functionality. And all this in a clearly structured, focused range.

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KLUDI-DIVE shower range
Matt black at washbasin, bath and shower

Highest design standards and functionality combined. Thanks to the well-balanced design language, the elegant mixer with matt black surface fits perfectly into style-conscious interior styles and is still budget-friendly.

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KLUDI LOGO in matt black

Hand shower, overhead shower, wall bar, thermostat: all components perfectly coordinated. An aesthetically well-composed statement for the stylish bathroom, accentuated once again by the high-quality, matt black powder coating. Created for extraordinary shower experiences.

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Shower system in matt black
intuitive controls, just like a cockpit

KLUDI-COCKPIT Explorer combines optimal ergonomics with attractive design. The two control knobs are positioned in perfect view and reach, and tilted back like an aircraft cockpit. The water volume and temperature can be adjusted simply by turning the fittings – conveniently and with intuitive ease.

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Perfect comfort
Elegant matt black KLUDI fittings

Black speaks for itself. It is at peace with itself. It is unobtrusive. Black allows form and function to take centre stage. An understated, and therefore convincing, commitment to premium design. Like the KLUDI Smart Luxury series, - KLUDI-NOVA FONTE Puristic, - KLUDI-BOZZ - and KLUDI-BALANCE.

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‘Black Beauty’ Bathroom highlights
KLUDI launches kitchen campaign

Today, the kitchen is the social hub of modern living and casual hospitality. In other words, it’s the perfect time for KLUDI’s kitchen campaign. In the unique, new ‘Kitchen Competence – Performance for Life’ concept, KLUDI is giving its range a clear structure that is easy to understand, both for industry experts and consumers.

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The new Kitchen Competence concept
Age-appropriate bathroom products

When the time comes to upgrade your bathroom, you should proactively think about bathroom features you will need in the future, as bathrooms are generally only renovated every 20 years. Improve accessibility and boost convenience. KLUDI offers practical added features in many of its series – from ergonomic handles like the COCKPIT shower systems, the HotStop feature and the anti-scald thermostat features, to anti-slip levers for washbasin fittings.

If you need special nursing products, our MEDI CARE series is perfect for you! 

Age-appropriate bathrooms
Tiny-House - Flying Space

Less is often more. KLUDI fittings are the best proof that perfect design, optimal functionality and top quality fit even in the smallest of spaces. Discover our AMEO for an example.

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„Micro Living“
Plastic-free packaging

KLUDI started systematically transitioning to plastic-free packaging in 2019. No plastics whatsoever are used in the packaging, with all packaging materials made exclusively from organic sources. Once the COCKPIT shower systems had been transitioned to the sustainable packaging concept, the entire line of KLUDI NOVA FONTE fittings was next to make the change. Other series will follow...

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0% plastic
KLUDI PUSH: Satisfying showers at the press of a button

KLUDI-PUSH is an innovative diverter for concealed installations. You can control the water flow at the push of a button. We’ve now made it even simpler and added visual appeal. When not in use, the buttons are flush with the wall panel. When in use, the buttons protrude subtly, making it easy to find them by touch with your eyes closed under the shower.

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Shower & tub
Satisfying showers at the press of a button

Every toddler learns not to touch hot things to avoid burns. However, fittings with zero risk of scalding in the first place are even better. The KLUDI-COCKPIT Explorer shower system is safe to touch at all times. The innovative Touch Proof technology ensures optimal protection against scalding with its total thermal decoupling. As a result, little ones can enjoy their showers to the fullest, giving adults a reassuring sense of safety.

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Sensor fittings

Cleanliness, hygiene and comfort – KLUDI’s electronic fittings are in a league of their own. Whether in private, public or semi-public sanitary facilities – contact-free operation is an increasingly interesting option.

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Kitchen & Bathroom
Cleanliness, hygiene and convenience
Innovative way to divert water with new KLUDI-PUSH&SWITCH feature

Instead of a pull-up diverter, the new KLUDI-PUSH&SWITCH feature makes it easy to switch the flow at the push of a button, whether in the bath or shower.

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Shower & tub
Replacing pull-up diverters

The new KLUDI-COCKPIT Explorer shower system is the perfect solution for existing bathrooms – also in terms of economy! The renovation work required for installation is minimal. The shower system can also be adapted flexibly to low ceilings, pitched roofs or small bathrooms. Another bonus: The wall bracket can be adjusted up to 18 cm, allowing the KLUDI-COCKPIT Explorer to be fastened to existing drill holes.

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Enjoy a unique, outsized shower experience
We’re all individualists in the shower

From a pattering rainfall from above, a lush jet of water for an invigorating massage to the ability to quickly turn the shower head to one side to soap up – the variable KLUDI-COCKPIT Explorer shower systems give shower fans total flexibility:

  • Adapt the hand shower and large head shower as you wish
  • Adjust the height
  • Tilt
  • Rotate freely

The choice is yours!

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