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Product pictured: KLUDI BINGO STAR

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The high art of the kitchen mixer tap: Kitchen mixer taps from KLUDI can do more and provide more

- because KLUDI is an expert for kitchen mixer taps. It is the details that set these mixer taps apart – in terms of material, finish, functionality, design and innovation.

Sensor mixer taps

How often do you have no free hands? How often is it necessary to wash dirty hands or sandy lettuce? It’s hard enough to get the water running under these circumstances, without needing to carry out a thorough cleaning of the sink unit afterwards. KLUDI’s sensor technology is the key to non-contact use of water at the sink. It is intelligent and avoids making mistakes. One movement in the detection field of the sensor eye is all it takes to start the water running. Power is supplied by a long-lasting, standard commercial battery or by the 230 V mains supply. That isn’t just extremely convenient, avoiding constant polishing afterwards, but it will impress your guests when the host or amateur chef controls the high-tech watering point as if by magic.

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Bayonet fitting

Having the kitchen units face the window represents real quality of life – including a view while washing dishes or preparing food. However, the kitchen mixer tap has often been in the way when you want to open one side of the window or when you need to clean it. No problem thanks to the imaginative developers at KLUDI. They invented the bayonet fitting for the sink mixer tap: lift it out, turn it on its side – done. Then you can open the window without anything in the way.

Retracting sprayer

When you want to wash up pots and pans, an adjustable rinser spray is a practical helper. There’s usually a button for switching over: the intense mode is used for filling and soaking; the aerator spray mode for removing the remains of food and for rinsing off surfaces.

Retracting spout

Flexibility is everything – for kitchen taps too. A retractable spout increases the radius of the mixer tap, makes it easier to clean the sink unit and to fill containers that are not in the sink or that don’t fit under the spout. Incidentally, only the very best quality from KLUDI’s own production is used for the retractable KLUDI hoses. A well-balanced system of counterweights helps the hose slide back smoothly into position so that it is safely stored out of the way in the curve of the spout.

KLUDI VersatilityPlus

Kitchen mixer taps with a high spout are very popular among professional cooks and aspiring amateur chefs. There are good reasons for this, as the mixer taps are given a lofty and elegant appearance by their generous size and enhance the looks of the sink unit. On top of that, they offer practical room to manoeuvre when working – since tall receptacles such as large saucepans, watering cans or vases can just be placed under the spout and filled conveniently. Especially practical: the spout on the KLUDI mixer tap can simply be swivelled to one side so there is nothing in the way when putting receptacles into the sink or taking them out.

Manual and electronic operation

And another real innovation: KLUDI E-GO presents a world première. It is the first kitchen fitting that can be operated manually and electronically. Contact-free operation by means of a sensor is a particular advantage when both hands are full. The fitting can also be controlled manually at any time as required. So it is no wonder that KLUDI E-GO was awarded the coveted PLUS X AWARD for Design and Ease of Use.

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Turned off the gas stove? Switched the iron off? With the multi-connector, KLUDI does its part in helping to take the weight off your mind when you go on holiday. The small valve at the base of the mixer tap turns the water off in the kitchen for the dishwasher or washing machine – signalling the end of rummaging around under the sink. Defining convenience is this easy and intelligent. One quick turn and the holiday or weekend trip can start and end without trouble, since the water is safely shut off.

Low-pressure mixer tap

KLUDI supplies so-called low-pressure versions for many kitchen mixer taps. In kitchens that are a long way from the central hot water supply, small boilers under the sink are often used. Where an unvented boiler is concerned, which can be operated with the normal 230 V mains supply, a special mixer tap is required – a low-pressure mixer tap. The advantage of the low-pressure version: hot water is provided on the spot through a short line as needed – the technical equipment is tried and tested and affordable.

Quick connector

KLUDI has introduced its quick connector so that KLUDI kitchen mixer taps can be installed fast and safely. The hose end piece from the retractable spout or retractable sprayer slots onto the matching adapter on the mixer body with a single click. This saves time and expense in installation, as there is no longer any need for complicated checks for tightness since this system already guarantees the tightness of the connection in the factory.

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