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Our quality standards – ‘Made in Germany’

Products that are made in Germany are held in high esteem around the world. They are associated with German engineering and pioneering technologies, craftsmanship and excellent design, outstanding, reliable quality and durability – as well as with KLUDI quality standards.

"KLUDI Mehrwerte" - added value

Our added value

To keep our quality promise to you, every KLUDI fitting adds value in five ways. Together, they turn our products into miniature masterpieces.


... means outstanding finishing ‘Made in Germany’ and using premium materials. It also entails a sophisticated quality assurance system.

Attention to detail

... means form, function and emotion in perfect harmony. That is why we make sure that the design of our fittings serves and adds values for the people who use them.


... combines radiant looks and easy-care finishes. We don’t ever want you to tire of looking at our fittings.

Heart - center piece

… the award-winning cartridge technology guarantees reliability and a long service life. We still want you to enjoy using your KLUDI bathroom or kitchen fitting years after you buy it.


… means ideal use of available space. Every washbasin, bathtub or shower area is different and requires individual solutions for maximum convenience.

How we ensure top quality

Investing in
the ‘Made in Germany’ brand

When we say ‘Made in Germany’, we mean it. Consistently investing in our production facility in the Sauerland region makes us one of the few manufacturers capable of implementing all steps required to produce our premium fittings in our own plant in Germany. That means we have complete control of the manufacturing and workmanship quality of our own products.

Certified quality

We are one of the first German companies in the sanitation industry to be certified to the globally recognised quality standard ISO 9001. TÜV Nord auditors regularly assess our quality management processes. In that way, we can ensure that our bathroom and kitchen fittings meet the most exacting standards in practice, offering you a chance to experience ‘Water in Perfection’.

Philosophy in practice

Our entire staff works hard to ensure that you are fully satisfied when you use our fittings in bathrooms and kitchens. At KLUDI, we live out our philosophy in practice. We believe that top quality is the result of what every single one of us does – from our product development and in-house tool-making teams, to our final assembly by hand.

Control is the best solution

We don’t compromise on quality. All of our plants have dedicated quality assurance teams who inspect every component thoroughly before production of the next fitting starts. They check purchased components and monitor production processes just as systematically. It’s no wonder that we have a complaint rate consistently under one percent.

Zero-error tolerance

Our quality assurance team checks every single component in detail before we start volume manufacturing of new products. For example, our KLUDI COCKPIT Explorer shower system has 69 components. We measure 105 different aspects of the fitting body alone, some using a 3D coordinate measuring machine. Manufacturing doesn’t get the go-ahead unless all tests have been passed.

High-grade materials

Materials with outstanding durability, quality and eco-friendliness are the foundations for our excellent workmanship, while also facilitating extremely precise finishing. For example, the handles, shower bracket and technical unit of our KLUDI COCKPIT Discovery shower system are made of solid, high-quality metals instead of plastics.

To sustainability
Our manufactur

We systematically invest in upgrading our production technologies and processes. We use state-of-the-art methods to make our products. See how we turn a bar of brass into premium fitting.

Our tool-making centre

We design and build all of our manufacturing tools in-house. That makes us independent and guarantees the precision required for outstanding workmanship.

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Our foundry

Liquid brass is poured into a mould. A heat-resistant sand core ensures that space is left for the water to flow. After hardening, it is flushed out, leaving the fitting body behind.

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Our grinding works

The combination of high-tech and hand-finishing gives our fittings the perfect finish. Our grinding and polishing robots start the job, before we perfect the shape of each individual fitting by hand.

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Our electroplating department

Our brand-new brass electroplating section gives our fittings the perfect sheen. This is where we use state-of-the-art technology to apply a uniform layer of chrome to the fitting bodies.

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Our assembly department

We do more than just put our products together in our assembly department. Final checks and robust packaging are just as important to make sure you are completely happy with your KLUDI fitting.

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Made in Germany
Valued worldwide

‘Made in Germany’ is considered a quality mark around the world. This adds value to our brand in the international marketplace, which we serve through our own national subsidiaries, sales offices and partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. After all, our fittings are used in over 100 countries – including exclusive properties like the Kayumanis Private Villa & Spa Hotel in Yangshuo, the five-star Sheraton Grand Krakow Hotel in Krakow and the elegant Avangarde Forest residential complex in Bucharest.

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German design – form follows function

“We create products that you touch every day,” explains Michael Stein, one of our design partners. As a result, we not only focus on the looks of our fittings, but also on how they work and how easy they are to use. This approach has earned us multiple prestigious international design awards.

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