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KLUDI Pure&Style

Elegant design for modern families

KLUDI Pure&Style combines top-class design with outstanding functional characteristics. The elegant fittings blends in well with modern interior design styles and is excellent proof that style doesn’t depend on budget.

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Straight, gentle styles

With its straight lines and soft curves, the SoftEdge design provides creative freedom in a modern bathroom setting.

KLUDI DetailLiebe

The perfect fitting is planned down to the smallest details: The aerator is limescale-resistant, economical in consumption and discretely integrated. It is also easy to clean.

In harmony with all forms:

KLUDI Pure&Style harmonises with round and angular forms in the bathroom. That makes it even easier to plan any bathroom project.

KLUDI FreiRaum

Great variety that takes all bathroom styles into account: KLUDI offers the right fitting for any situation.

Pure Function

A unique concept that unites three styles of fittings

KLUDI Pure Function represents powerful and elegant design, which fulfils the highest quality requirements and still remains affordable. This unique combination of design and quality is a typical example of “true” KLUDI WertArbeit.

The three lines KLUDI Pure&Easy, KLUDI Pure&Solid and KLUDI Pure&Style embody the Pure Function concept with their specific designs. This concept offers innovative and sophisticated solutions. Pure Function blends in with almost every interior decoration style – making it easier to plan better bathroom projects.

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