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Dive into inspiring shower worlds

New types of jets, incredible design ideas, tangible added value – the innovative Kludi-Dive shower head range offers a one-of-a-kind, all-round wellness experience in the shower.

‘Kludi-Dive delivers what I’ve always wanted from a hand shower.’ Celebrity hairdresser Chris Coenen cannot speak highly enough of the new shower head range from sanitary supplier Kludi ( ‘Kludi-Dive is the perfect solution for body, hair and skin with its brand new types of jet. These showers don’t just come with the feel-good factor – it’s a full-on wow factor! It brings real benefit and genuine added value.’ The fact that Kludi-Dive offers more than a conventional shower head also has something to do with Coenen himself. Indeed, the celebrity hairstylist, his team and many of his customers took part in a survey and test phase that the German premium brand carried out before product development even began. ‘We asked 100 customers of celebrity hairdresser Chris Coenen what they thought would make for the perfect hand shower, and we then incorporated their responses into our development of Kludi-Dive. We want Kludi-Dive to redefine showering,’ explains Leonardo de Muro, Group Marketing Vice President. The focus during this phase clearly revolved around the needs and expectations of women. ‘They simply have higher requirements – especially when it comes to washing hair and rinsing out shampoo, hair treatments and styling products,’ adds de Muro.

Body – Hair – Skin
Kludi’s development team created three new types of jet based on these findings. Concentrically arranged on the spray head of the three-jet hand showers, they can be easily and conveniently switched over with a button. With maximum coverage, the Body jet is voluminous, soft and relaxing – for an unbeatable wellness experience in the shower. The Skin mode is a concentrated, gently tingling jet that massages the skin and invigorates. The Hair setting features a revolutionary type of jet: powerful, surface-focused, with more water and enough power to wash out shampoos and hair treatments thoroughly and quickly, even from long and thick hair. ‘Customers who tested the Hair jet are delighted to have finally found a solution that delivers both perfect results and saves time’ confirms Chris Coenen.

‘Very, very cool!’
Besides its three impressive types of jet, Kludi-Dive also has a unique design. The ergonomically proportioned hand shower, for example, incorporates a cleverly positioned chamfer on the top of the shower head. This bevelled surface removes sharp edges from the hand showers, giving it a fresh, modern and high-quality image. In combination with the slender silhouette of the shower head, the chamfered surface lends the hand shower an astonishingly aesthetic lightness. ‘It has a truly prestigious look about it – very, very cool!’ confirms Coenen, renowned in the industry for his creative flair.

An extensive range for diverse applications
Kludi-Dive hand showers are available in two sizes and two surfaces: Kludi-sDive with a 107 millimetre shower head and the Kludi-xDive with a 117 millimetre shower head, either in classic chrome or trendy matt black. They are both available with one or three jets and sold individually or in a set together with a shower rail or wall bracket for the bath. The range also comprises four new shower systems including a hand shower and round head shower. Customers can choose between the triple-jet hand showers Kludi-sDive and Kludi-xDive. These both come in two versions: the first designed for renovations, being extremely easy-to-install and using existing connections, and the other, a thermostat-based system. ‘Of course, a water-saving function is available on option for all Kludi-Dive products,’ adds Leonardo de Muro. This device, based on innovative water-saving technologies, restricts the water flow rate to a mere nine litres per minute without compromising the showering experience.