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Kludi has Central Europe in its sights

Florian Schindler and Axel Stoiber take on dual leadership for key market region

“Not only did we record a two-digit plus in incoming orders at home on the German market in 2021, the demand for our fittings has increased significantly over the past few years in Austria, where Kludi usually does well, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland,” says Julian Henco, Chairman of the Executive Board at the Sauerland-based fittings specialist Kludi (, taking stock of the positive business development in Central Europe. The premium bathroom and kitchen fittings manufacturer is now honouring this demand by re-establishing the managerial team for this key market region. In addition to their managerial roles on the German sales team, division heads Florian Schindler and Axel Stoiber have assumed responsibility for the project and three-tier trade transaction in the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. This will bring together sales channels for retail and trade, developers, planners, and architects – channels that have been managed separately until now – allowing project and day-to-day business to dovetail.

Transnational collaborations
“For Kludi, these four neighbouring countries are future focus markets; we will significantly intensify our professional sales activities there to cultivate them and to further expand our market shares,” says Kludi CEO Henco. “With Florian Schindler and Axel Stoiber, we have managed to inspire two absolute sales pros to take on this challenging responsibility. In their roles thus far, the two of them have already contributed significantly to the success of Kludi in Germany.” With the management team in the five German sales regions now finalised, the duo can focus on Central Europe. “The dual leadership guarantees that our transnational collaboration can be more efficiently shaped and thus sustainably increase our sales success,” says Julian Henco.

Sebastian Biener, former Spokesperson of the Management Board, who, together with Florian Schindler and Axel Stoiber, was also responsible for Kludi sales in Germany, left the Menden-based SME on 1 February 2022 to seek new professional challenges.