KLUDI OBJEKTA impresses with its clear design language, soft lines and a classic spout.
No scalding
Thanks to HotStop

If children or the elderly also use the bathroom, choose a fitting with KLUDI HotStop. This shut-off function keeps the water temperature constant at 38°C and prevents scalding.


The handle´s organic shape makes it particularly easy to operate.

Beautiful and universal.

KLUDI OBJEKTA forms a symbiosis with your bathroom interior.

KLUDI OBJEKTA impresses with its clear design language.

A sophisticated bathroom design in white and wooden shades definitely deserves matching fittings.

KLUDI OBJEKTA appears subtle, but effortlessly ties the atmosphere of the entire bathroom together.


OBJEKTA follows the trend towards soft shapes while maintaining its architecturally clear basic structure.

The durable fittings and shower heads blend harmoniously into different bathroom interiors.