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Benefiting your budget and the climate

Kludi fittings help save water and energy – and reduce costs

There’s never been a time when it’s been so important to use water and energy sparingly in our homes – particularly in the bathroom and kitchen. Energy prices have risen so dramatically as a consequence of the Russian war with Ukraine that many household budgets are being stretched to their limits. On top of this, there is uncertainty about sufficient energy supplies, which is pushing everyone to reduce consumption wherever they can. Finally, climate change has resulted in an alarming situation with regard to water supplies this summer and has left behind a trail of devastation for people, the environment and the economy in many parts of Europe.

Considerable reduction in costs, but not in comfort
“This just goes to show that there are many reasons to adopt a sustainable approach to water and energy. Modern water-saving technologies in our fittings and shower heads play a key role here, as well as one’s own consumption habits. The most important point, however, is that these technologies literally pay for themselves in cash,” explains Arndt Papenfuß, Marketing Director and Head of Product Management at fittings specialist Kludi (

Indeed, generating hot water for the bathroom and kitchen requires a substantial amount of energy, which represents considerable costs. By means of example, the Energy Advi-sory Service of the Rhineland-Palatinate Consumer Advice Centre has calculated that a 6-minute shower at 39 °C – based on average values for Germany – with a 12-litre per minute shower head uses as much energy as “watching 20 hours of TV or charging a smartphone 15 times”.  

Huge savings potential: ∆Eth = c • m • (T2 – T1)
Calculations from the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt confirm that huge savings can be made, particularly by reducing the flow volume. Scientists have determined that a 10-minute shower at 39 °C, consuming 150 litres of water, uses up 5.1 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. In comparison, however, Kludi’s nine-litre head or hand shower – available in several ranges, including A-QA, Freshline and Logo – reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the water to a mere 3.0 kWh, for the same length of shower and water temperature. “This saves over 40% energy,” confirms Papenfuß. “For a family of four, who shower every day and are at home 325 days per year, this adds up to a saving of 2,730 kWh per year.” That makes a huge difference in terms of money! Assuming a gross gas price of €0.08 per kilowatt hour, this translates as a reduction in energy costs of at least €218. The same savings can be achieved by lowering the temperature of the shower, but according to the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, the water needs to be a maximum of 27 °C!

Five litres or less per minute as standard
Showers are not the only places where water and energy can be saved. Many of Kludi’s washbasin and kitchen fittings also come equipped with water-saving technologies. These technologies limit the flow rate of the new Kludi Nova Fonte Pura single-lever mix-ers to five litres of water per minute. On selected models in the Pure Function range, as well as several in the Amba, Balance, Zenta and Zenta SL series, this drops to just 3.8 litres of water per minute. “These technologies don’t compromise on comfort. Less water coming out of a washbasin fitting or shower head definitely shouldn’t feel like less water,” explains Marketing Director Papenfuß. “To prevent this, we’ve put in place sophisticated flow technologies and enrich the water with air.” From autumn this year, all of Kludi’s washbasin fittings will have a flow volume of five litres per minute – or less – as standard. “We want to help people reduce their energy costs significantly,” adds Papenfuß. “A sustainable approach to water and energy consumption also plays an active role in protecting our environment.”

Save even more with Kludi EcoPlus or sensor fittings
Twenty-four selected Kludi washbasin and kitchen fittings come with the EcoPlus function for even greater energy efficiency. This function ensures that cold water is delivered when the handle is in the standard central position – in contrast to conventional fittings, which deliver a mixture of hot and cold and require energy to heat the water. Battery-operated electronic sensor fittings are an attractive solution for anyone wanting to save even more water. Easy to retro-fit, these use infrared technology to ensure that water only flows when it is actually needed. Furthermore, Kludi’s electronically operated fittings also have a reduced flow volume. Selected models of the sensor mixers Balance E and Zenta deliver no more than 1.9 litres of water per minute.

Kludi – The Shape of Water

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG - founded in 1926 in the Sauerland region of Germany - stands for almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. This tradition as a fittings specialist has given rise to the claim that Kludi products combine excellent "German quality", maximum functionality, innovative technologies and first-class design in a unique way. Time and again, Kludi has given important impetus to developments in the bathroom and kitchen with pioneering solutions. Around 170 inventions and over 100 patents can be attributed to the medium-sized company with headquarters in Menden - as well as numerous renowned design and innovation awards. Among other things, Kludi was named one of the "TOP 100 Innovators" in the German SME sector in 2022.

The Kludi family includes around 750 employees in sales and production companies in Europe and Asia. In addition to the fully integrated main plant in Menden, Kludi manufactures its fittings in Hornstein/Austria and Diósd/Hungary as well as in Ras Al Khaimah/United Arab Emirates. From there, they are exported to over 100 countries. Kludi has been part of the RAK Ceramics Group since 2022.