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Focussed on customer needs

The ‘Kitchen Competence – Performance for Life’ concept from Kludi makes choosing the right kitchen fitting much easier. Convenient functions and premium finishes make the new products a popular choice.

Kitchens have moved on a long way from simply being a place to work. They have trans-formed into true living spaces, an integral part of a home’s architecture, often opening onto the lounge and forming a social focal point within one’s own four walls. While the preparation of meals used to be a somewhat private affair, people now rejoice in putting dishes together in the company of friends and family. Consequently, people are more concerned nowadays with the design of the kitchen and how it is equipped. The kitchen is an expression of a person’s lifestyle and their interpretation of home – with a clear trend towards a more urban look and a modern, chic design. The Sauerland-based fittings specialist Kludi ( took this trend into account when developing its ‘Kitchen Competence – Performance for Life’ concept – an astoundingly clearly and comprehensibly structured range that was launched in 2021. The concept revolves around functionality, ease of use and performance, just like the new kitchen sink products that Kludi launched this year. “After all, around two thirds of the tasks in the kitchen are carried out at the sink, and the fitting plays a central role here,” explains Marketing Director Arndt Papenfuß, who also heads up product management at the long-established Menden-based company. “As a result, customers focus first and foremost on what a kitchen mixer can actually do, as well as on its design.”

The complete range at a glance

Bearing this in mind, Kludi has organised its product range according to these two criteria – the functionalities of the fitting and its design. The fittings specialist has defined three categories of performance – Comfort, Comfort Plus and Excellence – which respectively include essential basic functions, additional practical features and exclusive functionality for maximum convenience. Furthermore, the premium brand has categorised its kitchen range based on the three most popular spout designs. “This not only enables us to provide the clarity that customers need given the abundance of choice when it comes to kitchen mixers, but also makes it easier for our partners in the HVAC industry and kitchen studios to offer customers advice. I don’t believe anyone else makes it quite this easy to choose the right kitchen fitting,” explains Arndt Papenfuß. This belief is reinforced by the new direction of this product range strategy, which has involved cutting back on the number of different lines and models. “We are centring our portfolio around the products that custom-ers actually want, because they meet their needs and requirements,” confirms Papenfuß.

What customers want

Fittings with pull-out spouts, which bring maximum flexibility and convenience to the kitchen sink, are currently in demand. So much so, in fact, that they represent over 40 percent of market share today. Following its successful market launch in 2021, the latest version of the Kludi Mix – a classic mixer and mainstay within Kludi’s kitchen portfolio – will also feature a pull-out hand spray this summer, complete with two different types of jet that can be operated at the touch of a button. It will also be available in all permutations, including open and closed levers, low- and high-pressure, and traditional chrome and sophisticated matt black finishes. Models with a fold-flat spout for installation in front of windows were introduced in April.

The coronavirus pandemic has also led to an increased demand for contact-free, electronic fittings for the kitchen sink. The fact that the water can be turned on and off using infra-red sensor technology means that the fittings are not only more hygienic but also extremely practical – especially if you have both hands full when working in the kitchen. “This hygienic feature is a real benefit in a place where food is prepared, with or without COVID-19 around,” Papenfuß points out. The Sauerland-based fittings specialist has set a new benchmark with the Kludi E-GO, the world’s first hybrid kitchen fitting. Progressing seamlessly from the E-GO, the new models feature a sophisticated L-shaped spout and leave nothing to be desired in terms of convenient operation, just like the traditional models with the semi-circular C-shaped spout.

Another notable point is that chrome finishes, which have reigned supreme at the kitchen sink for the past few decades, are gradually disappearing, as seen in contemporary bath-room design. Matt black is particularly in vogue in today’s kitchens – both in terms of the furniture and technical equipment, from the refrigerator to the fittings. This fashionable colour provides wider scope for creating an individual design. Both the matt black Kludi Mix and the Kludi E-GO with a deep matt black finish are ideal for adding a striking touch to the modern kitchen. “They really are stunning,” confirms Papenfuß.

Kludi – The Sauerland-based fittings specialist

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG, a family business founded in Germany’s Sauerland region in 1926, represents almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. As a long-established fittings specialist, we are committed to producing products that combine outstanding ‘Made in Germany’ manufacturing quality, maximum functionality, innovative technologies and top-class design in a unique way. Kludi has never ceased to drive product development within the bathroom and kitchen sectors with its groundbreaking solutions. The Menden-based SME has some 170 inventions and 100 patents to its name, as well as numerous prestigious design and innovation awards. In 2022, Kludi was named one of the TOP 100 Innovators in the German SME sector.

Kludi is committed to responsible sales. Forming mutually respectful commercial relationships, Kludi is a reliable partner in the HVAC and skilled trade industries, working in association with these customers to develop solutions that make their working days significantly easier and ensure their future sustainability. These solutions include particularly installation-friendly products, a focused, clearly organised bathroom and kitchen portfolio, and innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of business processes.

The Kludi Group employs around 900 people in its sales and production companies, located in eleven different countries across Europe and Asia. Kludi fittings are manufactured in the company’s fully integrated main manufacturing site in Menden, as well as in Hornstein (Austria), Diósd (Hungary) and Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates). From here, they are exported to over 100 different countries around the world.

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