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Simply switch – an ingenious button for more convenience

A new global benchmark: the Kludi Push & Switch puts an end to awkward pull-up diverters

  • The simple, intuitive operation of the Kludi Push & Switch brings maximum convenience to all users.
  • Awkward pull-up diverters on concealed single-lever mixers are now a thing of the past. All that’s needed today is a simple push of a button.
  • Innovative German valve technology ensures that the diverter doesn’t wear out and still works reliably after many years of use.
  • Secure and simple installation is guaranteed with the concealed universal Kludi Flexx.Boxx.
  • Available now for all the fittings in the Smart Luxury and Pure Function collections.

Inventions don’t necessarily have to be highly complex and scientifically based to be described as ‘innovative’. On the contrary, they are often the small, practical improvements that bring added value by making life a little easier, more convenient or safer for people. And one of these such innovations is the Kludi Push & Switch; the first of its kind in the world. This solution earned the Sauerland-based fittings specialist Kludi ( a nomination as a TOP 100 Innovator 2022 in the SME category. Kludi is the first bathroom fittings manufacturer in the world to replace the awkward pull-up diverter on concealed single-lever mixers with a user-friendly button. Instead of having to force up the diverter, the Kludi Push & Switch is an innovative button that makes things easier in the bath or shower. What’s more, the diverter button is always easily accessible, unlike the pull-up version. “This ingenious little button, like so many others in our day-to-day lives, makes sure that the diverter works every time – regardless of the user’s age and physical strength. It’s as convenient and intuitive as you can get!” says Arndt Papenfuß, Marketing Director and Head of Product Management at the Menden-based premium brand. “This feature is truly innovative, because it significantly increases user-friendliness. It is also a selling point that HVAC professionals can use to win round customers.”

‘Made in Germany’ valve technology replaces springs

The Kludi Push & Switch is based on an innovative valve solution that works purely with mechanics and hydraulics. Contrary to the pull-up design that usually works with a spring, this new technology ensures that the diverter works every time, regardless of how much water pressure there is. It also prevents the diverter accidentally springing back to the original setting, as is often the case with the pull-up mechanism. Last but not least, there is no risk of the valve mechanism wearing out at some point, or the button becoming jammed in the rosette. “These benefits underline the durability and 100% reliability of Kludi Push & Switch,” explains Papenfuß.

Another advantage of the button technology is that the flat push button, which comes in either a round shape or soft-edge design to match the rosette, is much easier to clean than the pull-up diverter, which always sticks out a couple of centimetres. Moreover, its flat design results in a delightfully serene overall design. Also available with backflow prevention, the revolutionary Push & Switch can be easily installed using the widely tried-and-trusted Kludi Flexx.Boxx – a concealed unit that is 100% compatible with all applications. The innovative concealed single-lever Push & Switch mixer is available in Kludi’s Smart Luxury and Pure Function collections.

Kludi – The Shape of Water

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG - founded in 1926 in the Sauerland region of Germany - stands for almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. This tradition as a fittings specialist has given rise to the claim that Kludi products combine excellent "German quality", maximum functionality, innovative technologies and first-class design in a unique way. Time and again, Kludi has given important impetus to developments in the bathroom and kitchen with pioneering solutions. Around 170 inventions and over 100 patents can be attributed to the medium-sized company with headquarters in Menden - as well as numerous renowned design and innovation awards. Among other things, Kludi was named one of the "TOP 100 Innovators" in the German SME sector in 2022.

The Kludi family includes around 750 employees in sales and production companies in Europe and Asia. In addition to the fully integrated main plant in Menden, Kludi manufactures its fittings in Hornstein/Austria and Diósd/Hungary as well as in Ras Al Khaimah/United Arab Emirates. From there, they are exported to over 100 countries. Kludi has been part of the RAK Ceramics Group since 2022.