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Smart convenience for the kitchen

The Kludi E-GO Voice kitchen fitting combines voice control with digital and mechanical operation


• Integrated in the home wireless network, Kludi E-GO Voice can be operated by voice control in interaction with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

• It can be pre-set with two customised water volumes, which can be activated at the push of a button on the digital lever.

• The S-FLOW-App is particularly user-friendly and enables intuitive operation. It also provides information about water and energy consumption.

• A practical aid when working in the kitchen is the pull-out spray tap with two types of jet.

• Available in classic chrome and in on-trend matt black or white finishes.

• Available from Spring 2024.


Digitalisation is increasingly infiltrating our everyday lives – and the kitchen has long been no exception. The basic technical functions in a household such as lighting, heating and providing shade lend them-selves to digital connection, but so, too, do kitchen appliances and cooking utensils. For example, a smart extractor hood can communicate with the hobs so that the extraction power automatically adjusts to the cooking process. In the case of connected pans, ingredients are automatically weighed as they are added to the pan and nutritional information and calories are sent to the user’s smartphone or tablet. ‘Until now, the kitchen sink was the last remaining non-digital island in the midst of a connected kitchen’, explains Alexandra Walter, Category Manager for kitchen fittings at the fittings specialist Kludi ( ‘We’re now making the kitchen sink smart, too.’ And Kludi are doing this by enhancing the world’s first hybrid kitchen fitting, upgrading the Kludi E-GO to the Kludi E-GO Voice.

‘Talk to me!’
The innovative kitchen fitting E-GO Voice features a digital lever that allows up to two different water volumes to be pre-set and activated by a click inwards. One click delivers just enough water to fill a glass, for example, while two clicks fills a pan for pasta. ‘We let users decide on the volume of water to pre-programme, depending on how much they need and their habits in the kitchen,’ explains Walter. In all other aspects, the lever is operated in just the same way as a lever on a conventional fitting.

The E-GO can also be integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, which brings even smarter benefits by enabling voice operation. The fitting is also integrated in the home WiFi network. Voice control works with programmable commands that are saved as routines in Alexa or Google Home. ‘This makes our fitting extremely easy to operate, even when your hands are full – nothing could be simpler or more convenient! Contact-free operation in a room where food is prepared is an added bonus in terms of hygiene,’ confirms Category Manager, Walter.

The app is indispensable
The key accessory for the E-GO Voice is the free accompanying S-FLOW-App, which has an extremely user-friendly interface and is available to download for both iOS and Android devices. The app communicates with the smart kitchen fitting via WiFi, and among other features, allows users to pre-set the desired flow volume per minute and activate a child safety lock from their smartphone or tablet. When more water is needed for everyday jobs in the kitchen, the water-saving function can be quickly overridden by clicking the digital lever outwards. ‘Another practical added value is the fact that the app provides statistics on water and energy consumption,’ explains Walter.

Kludi E-GO Voice is available in the classic design with a slender, semi-circular C-shaped spout and pull-out spray with two types of jet – freeing up more space at the kitchen sink. The smart kitchen fitting comes with chrome, matt black and matt white finishes.

Kludi – The Sauerland-based fittings specialist

Kludi - the fittings specialist from the Sauerland region of Germany

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG - founded in 1926 in the Sauerland region - stands for almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. This tradition as a fittings specialist has given rise to the claim that Kludi products combine excellent manufacturing quality "Made in Germany", maximum functionality, innovative technologies and first-class design in a unique way. Time and again, Kludi has given important impetus to developments in the bathroom and kitchen with pioneering solutions. Around 170 inventions and 100 patents can be attributed to the medium-sized company with its headquarters in Menden. It is no coincidence that Kludi has received many awards for this, most recently the "German Innovation Award", the "Red Dot Design Award" and as one of the "TOP 100 Innovators" in the German SME sector.

Kludi fittings are not only used in countless private houses and flats, but also in many prestigious projects such as the L'Oréal "Horizon J1" German headquarters in Düsseldorf, the elegant Kayumanis Private Villa & Spa Hotel in Yangshuo, the five-star "Sheraton Grand Krakow" hotel in Krakow, the "Karolinenhof" residential complex in Regensburg or the trendy "Urban Loft" boutique hotel in the heart of Cologne.

The Kludi family has around 900 employees in sales and production companies in eleven countries in Europe and Asia. In addition to the fully integrated main plant in Menden, Kludi manufactures its fittings in Hornstein/Austria and Diósd/Hungary as well as in the United Arab Emirates. From there, they are exported to over 100 countries. Kludi has been part of the RAK Ceramics Group since 2022. You can find out more about Kludi - the fittings specialist from the Sauerland region - at