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The achetype of a new era

Kludi Nova Fonte Pura – sophisticated, sustainable and unique

  • A tangible lightness: the Nova Fonte Pura single-lever mixers display an attractive combination of sophisticated design and modern purism.
  • Besides the chrome finish, they are also available in matt black and matt white – the perfect choice for contemporary purist architecture.
  • Nova Fonte Pura integrates perfectly into the successful Nova Fonte concept and opens up a multitude of new possibilities in terms of sophisticated bathroom design.
  • With its minimalistic use of materials, plastic-free packaging and water-saving flow, the Nova Fonte Pura excels at meeting today’s demands for sustainability.
  • The collection includes both sink- and wall-mounted single-lever washbasin mixers in various designs, as well as a bidet fitting.

The fittings specialist Kludi really caused a stir in the market when they launched the Nova Fonte series two years ago. Indeed, Kludi’s Nova Fonte is much more than a mere fittings collection. Available in three different design lines – Classic, Puristic and Déco – Nova Fonte holds the perfect solution for every home and interior. The leading Sauerland-based brand has pushed out the creative bounds of sophisticated bathroom design with the launch of the Kludi Nova Fonte Pura – an elegant range of single-lever mixers that extends the premium collection. “Pura is the ideal addition to the Nova Fonte series. Our concept, which is unique on the fittings market, is now complete and provides architects and bathroom designers with a multitude of design options for achieving aesthetic perfection,” explains Arndt Papenfuß, Marketing Director for the Kludi Group. “Pura, with its extraordinarily sophisticated design and neat, puristic lines, embodies the spirit of our times superbly and adds a distinctly striking touch to bathrooms. It won us the prestigious Red Dot Award 2022, which I believe is well-merited.”  

Vital statistics: 9–21–36

Nova Fonte Pura single-lever mixers have such a unique, sophisticated shape and subtle lightness that no other fittings come close to them in terms of their coherent, meticulous design. The diameter of the gently curved spout measures a mere 21 millimetres. The body of the fitting is almost equally as slender with a diameter of 36 millimetres, while the flat handle is no more than 9 millimetres wide and features extremely precise flanging radii. These minimalist geometries, carefully balanced proportions and meticulous transition between the spout and body lend Pura fittings a classic elegance and expressive aesthetics. To display this modern purism in all its beauty, the single-lever mixers will be produced with two other finishes, alongside classic chrome – on-trend matt black and stylish matt white (from spring 2023).

Sustainable – from the factory to the bathroom

The extremely sophisticated design and minimalist dimensions of all Nova Fonte Pura models also significantly reduces the amount of material used in their production, which leads to considerable savings in terms of raw materials and energy. When it comes to packaging, Kludi also insists on using materials that have been tested and certified as sustainable. The Sauerland-based fittings specialist has replaced plastics with organic pack-aging material produced from starch, a renewable raw material. Similar to plastic, this alternative packaging material is biodegradable and compostable according to the specifications of the European standard DIN EN 13432.

Furthermore, the water flow rate of all Pura washbasin fittings has been reduced to five litres per minute, without compromising the quality of the jet. This protects both the environment and resources – especially in the case of hot water, where less water also means greater energy efficiency. “With these features reducing the ecological footprint of the Nova Fonte Pura, it meets the demands of contemporary sustainability in a very special way,” confirms Marketing Director Arndt Papenfuß. “This is just another reason why Nova Fone Pura is the achetype of a new era.”

Kludi – The Sauerland-based fittings specialist

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG, a family business founded in Germany’s Sauerland region in 1926, represents almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. As a long-established fittings specialist, we are committed to producing products that combine outstanding ‘Made in Germany’ manufacturing quality, maximum functionality, innovative technologies and top-class design in a unique way. Kludi has never ceased to drive product development within the bathroom and kitchen sectors with its groundbreaking solutions. The Menden-based SME has some 170 inventions and 100 patents to its name, as well as numerous prestigious design and innovation awards. In 2022, Kludi was named one of the TOP 100 Innovators in the German SME sector.

Kludi is committed to responsible sales. Forming mutually respectful commercial relationships, Kludi is a reliable partner in the HVAC and skilled trade industries, working in association with these customers to develop solutions that make their working days significantly easier and ensure their future sustainability. These solutions include particularly installation-friendly products, a focused, clearly organised bathroom and kitchen portfolio, and innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of business processes.

The Kludi Group employs around 900 people in its sales and production companies, located in eleven different countries across Europe and Asia. Kludi fittings are manufactured in the company’s fully integrated main manufacturing site in Menden, as well as in Hornstein (Austria), Diósd (Hungary) and Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates). From here, they are exported to over 100 different countries around the world.

You can find out more about Kludi, the Sauerland-based fittings specialist, at