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The contemporary art of living

In today's fast-paced world, we often long for an environment that takes a step back and gives us peace and serenity. The Contemporary- interior design style offers even more than that - it is a fusion of contemporary aesthetics, innovative design and functional sophistication. Clean lines and simple geometric shapes create a sense of minimalism and are combined with neutral colors such as white, grey, beige and black. This reduced color scheme build a calming atmosphere and leaves space for creativity and personal expression. Modern materials such as metal, chrome, glass and concrete are skillfully combined with light-colored birch or pine wood to create a harmonious yet exciting ambience. Natural stone is also an important element of this timeless style because, as a natural material, it lends the surroundings a warm and organic touch, soothes the senses and strengthens the connection to nature.

Contemporary design in the bathroom

The contemporary style can also be used to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom and provides unique wellness moments. The details are particularly important here. KLUDI offers high-quality faucet ranges that fit seamlessly into modern furnishing concepts and emphasize the contemporary ambience.

KLUDI-ZENTA SL: Interaction of rectangle and circular shape

KLUDI-ZENTA SL faucet range impresses with its slim and minimalist design, which radiates a sense of visual calm and serenity. Clear edges and circular shapes converge elegantly to create a harmonious look. Whether on the washbasin or bathtub: KLUDI-ZENTA SL ensures aesthetic lightness and is therefore well suited to the contemporary style.

KLUDI AMEO: A touch of extravagance

The KLUDI-AMEO faucets are a perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of luxury to their bathroom. Its remarkable design and sculptural appearance create a unique character in the interior. The clear lines and precise shapes embody contemporary purism, while the side controls provide optimum comfort of use. With KLUDI-AMEO you not only give your bathroom maximum functionality, but also a touch of extravagance.

The contemporary style succeeds in maintaining a perfect balance between minimalism and sophistication, creating an atmosphere that captures the spirit of the time. KLUDI-ZENTA SL and KLUDI-AMEO go perfectly with this style and transform your bathroom into an oasis of modern design.



Kludi – The Shape of Water

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG - founded in 1926 in the Sauerland region of Germany - stands for almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. This tradition as a fittings specialist has given rise to the claim that Kludi products combine excellent "German quality", maximum functionality, innovative technologies and first-class design in a unique way. Time and again, Kludi has given important impetus to developments in the bathroom and kitchen with pioneering solutions. Around 170 inventions and over 100 patents can be attributed to the medium-sized company with headquarters in Menden - as well as numerous renowned design and innovation awards. Among other things, Kludi was named one of the "TOP 100 Innovators" in the German SME sector in 2022.

The Kludi family includes around 750 employees in sales and production companies in Europe and Asia. In addition to the fully integrated main plant in Menden, Kludi manufactures its fittings in Hornstein/Austria and Diósd/Hungary as well as in Ras Al Khaimah/United Arab Emirates. From there, they are exported to over 100 countries. Kludi has been part of the RAK Ceramics Group since 2022.