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Two reasons to celebrate

Fittings specialist Kludi launches kitchen campaign

Today, the kitchen is the social hub of modern living and casual hospitality. Now more than ever, cooking and eating together with family and good friends are real highlights for many people. In other words, it’s perfect timing for fittings specialist Kludi ( from Germany’s Sauerland region to launch its kitchen campaign in spring. The Menden-based family-run company has completely overhauled its range of kitchen fittings. In the unique, new ‘Kitchen Competence – Performance for Life’ concept, Kludi is giving its range a clear structure that is easy to understand, both for industry experts and consumers. The long-established manufacturer is also introducing kitchen sink innovations that make the fittings easier for consumers to use and much easier for plumbers to install. Twice as nice for kitchen fans!

“We make life easier for kitchen pros”
“Kludi has specialised in fittings for almost a century and the knowledge and experience gleaned during this time form part of every product. We actually developed many of the features found in modern kitchen fittings – such as the mixer-tap and sensor-controlled hybrid fitting,” emphasises Arndt Papenfuß, the Kludi Group’s Marketing Director, who is also responsible for product management. “The message of our campaign is: Kludi is back in the kitchen!” The premium brand has set itself the ambitious medium-term goal to become one of the top three kitchen fitting manufacturers on the German market by sales volume.

The medium-sized company from Germany’s Sauerland region is laying the groundwork for this by strategically restructuring its range. The portfolio now has a clear and easy-to-understand structure and a focused, clear design, because sometimes less is more. “That makes plumbers’ and kitchen retailers’ day-to-day work easier,” explains Arndt Papenfuß.

Prioritising functionality
Kludi’s product range is structured based on the features the respective kitchen fittings offer. “After all, kitchen fittings are the most frequently used items in any household. As a result, performance, absolute reliability and convenience are what counts most for users when working in their kitchens,” points out Arndt Papenfuß. Kludi has divided the range into three performance classes: ‘Comfort’ fittings offer all the basic features that are essential in kitchens, like a swivel spout to focus the water where it is needed in the kitchen sink. ‘Comfort Plus’ category mixers also have other practical features – for example, a pull-out spout, a pull-out spray tap or a multi-connector. Finally, ‘Excellence’ products of-fer multiple advanced features that make kitchen work easier and offer maximum convenience.

Kludi also structures its mixer range by the spout design: The ‘M-Line’ features mainstream fittings with a straight spout, and is most popular with customers. The ‘L-Line’ adds architectural elements such as a slimline, L-shaped spout, while the ‘C-Line’ kitchen fittings have a curved semicircular spout.

Less is more
Kludi is combining this restructuring with a gradual reduction in its product range for kitchen sinks. Currently selling 15 series and over 80 models, the fittings specialist from Menden will be consolidating its portfolio of kitchen mixers to just eight lines containing around 35 different models in future. “We are focusing our kitchen range on the fittings customers really want and that meet their needs, just like we have successfully done with our bathroom fittings,” explains CMO Arndt Papenfuß. “In B2B sales channels, this means that our trade customers will spend less time managing their orders and warehouse, or finding the right product in the complex range. The clear structure also makes it easier for them to describe and explain the range to end consumers. In short: That gives our partners in kitchen studios and the plumbing trade more time to focus on their core business.”

Kludi – The Sauerland-based fittings specialist

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG, a family business founded in Germany’s Sauerland region in 1926, represents almost 100 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. As a long-established fittings specialist, we are committed to producing products that combine outstanding ‘Made in Germany’ manufacturing quality, maximum functionality, innovative technologies and top-class design in a unique way. Kludi has never ceased to drive product development within the bathroom and kitchen sectors with its groundbreaking solutions. The Menden-based SME has some 170 inventions and 100 patents to its name, as well as numerous prestigious design and innovation awards. In 2022, Kludi was named one of the TOP 100 Innovators in the German SME sector.

Kludi is committed to responsible sales. Forming mutually respectful commercial relationships, Kludi is a reliable partner in the HVAC and skilled trade industries, working in association with these customers to develop solutions that make their working days significantly easier and ensure their future sustainability. These solutions include particularly installation-friendly products, a focused, clearly organised bathroom and kitchen portfolio, and innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of business processes.

The Kludi Group employs around 900 people in its sales and production companies, located in eleven different countries across Europe and Asia. Kludi fittings are manufactured in the company’s fully integrated main manufacturing site in Menden, as well as in Hornstein (Austria), Diósd (Hungary) and Ras Al Khaimah (United Arab Emirates). From here, they are exported to over 100 different countries around the world. Kludi has been part of the RAK Ceramics Group since 2022.

You can find out more about Kludi, the Sauerland-based fittings specialist, at