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KLUDI E-GO – evolution in the kitchen

Award-winning sink mixer with electronic and manual control

Menden, March 2013 – The technology behind the non-contact KLUDI E-GO still remains one-of-a-kind in the world of electronic mixer taps. It is a hybrid system that allows the water flow to be controlled both manually and electronically. 
The patented technology, purpose-developed for the KLUDI E-GO mixer, makes it perfectly easy to use. While manual operation is also possible at any time using the side operating lever, you can activate the mixer tap without even touching it. As you approach the sensor zone, the mixer will turn the water on. This is particularly helpful when you have both hands full, such as when filling heavy pots or pans. Since there is no need to touch the KLUDI E-GO with dirty hands and as it turns itself off automatically after 90 seconds, using it is totally clean and hygienic. The water flow is metered precisely to start and stop after a specific amount, with no delay time or excess water. 
The KLUDI E-GO mixer is the ideal partner in the kitchen and satisfies all requirements expected of a modern workspace. KLUDI E-GO is economical in its use of water, an important resource, and it adapts quickly and effortlessly to suit individual needs. In its appearance, it looks no different to a conventional kitchen mixer tap. The “e-control” electronic unit blends harmoniously and elegantly with the purist, modern design. 
No wonder that the KLUDI E-GO was the first mixer tap in the world to win the Plus X Award and to be nominated for the German Design Award 2011. 

KLUDI E-GO 2 offers particular convenience in the kitchen.
KLUDI has improved user convenience for this unique sink mixer even further with another model, allowing form and function to meld in a unique symbiosis. The KLUDI E-GO 2 is strikingly different in its double arch design with chrome-plated guide arm and flexible, white hose outlet. It is a perfect illustration of what is feasible in terms of technology and aesthetics. Like water itself, the lines of this kitchen mixer tap are flowing and unusually expressive. The double arch spout can be swivelled 360°, providing maximum radius for working. The hose has a plastic grip on the nozzle that makes it easy to remove and totally versatile in use. Both the chrome-plated guide arm and the superior-quality hose spout are impressive in their lasting dimensional stability. The KLUDI E-GO 2 constitutes a significant evolution in terms of design and function and is therefore ideal for modern kitchens.

KLUDI E-GO | Product range (selection):

KLUDI E-GO electronic single-lever sensor-operated sink mixer and mains adapter

KLUDI E-GO electronic single-lever sensor-operated sink mixer and battery

KLUDI E-GO 2 electronic single-lever sensor-operated sink mixer and mains adapter in double-arch design

KLUDI E-GO 2 electronic single-lever sensor-operated sink mixer in double-arch design with battery

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For almost 100 years, the internationally active family company has been influencing the use of water in the household with groundbreaking fitting concepts and innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. More than 1,000 staff members in the Kludi group develop, produce and market products for specialist trade and craft companies in numerous countries around the world. From its headquarters in Menden, the Kludi company group manages 13 international sales organisations. The products are manufactured in three European production facilities. The company runs its own production facility in the United Arab Emirates as a joint venture.

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