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Kludi Flexx.Boxx improved for optimised installation

The Kludi Flexx.Boxx is the flexible concealed unit for all applications – whether thermostats, single lever mixers or with push functions. To make the installer’s work even easier with the Flexx.Boxx, Kludi has upgraded the successful universal concealed unit. The company’s engineers analysed the installers” workflow to optimise the box for faster, simpler and safer installation.

The most important innovation: The concealed unit was fitted with a new test and flushing block, which does without the previous four-flushing pipes and is now fully integrated in the Flexx.Boxx. Whereas the installer previously had to connect a hose for flushing and pressure testing, it is all pre-assembled in the new Kludi Flexx.Boxx. Thanks to the convenient solution, the trade professionals need no further accessories for installation, saving valuable time. That is particularly practical when many boxes have to be installed in one building: Until now, trade professionals had to connect the hose to every box individually – the new Flexx.Boxx eliminates this step.

Larger water ducts for faster and safer flushing
In addition, the fittings specialist from Menden also equipped the new flushing set with larger water ducts that permit a greater flow of water and thus a faster and more thorough flushing. This development saves installers’ time. The higher water flow also has the advantage that contaminant particles are flushed out faster and more effectively, minimising the risk of blockage. The new flushing set also has a plug to shut off the water to the supply line after testing the piping system and filling the bathtub, without depressurising the overall piping system.
The two arrow markings on the test and flushing block, which clearly show the flush directions, make installation safer. It was also designed to prevent cross-flows between cold and hot water. The new clear and simple routing of the flush set makes it particularly easy to install through the support pipe. Even if the support pipe was removed after installation, the test and flushing block can still be positioned easily and precisely, as there are two centring pins at the base. This is particularly useful for maintenance purposes, as the flushing set is integrated in the box on delivery.
Kludi also made it easier for installers to remove the test and flushing block: instead of four screws, now only three stainless steel screws must be loosened. The test and flushing block is now also available separately as an accessory, which is helpful for maintenance purposes. Of course, the flush set meets all drinking water requirements per DIN 1988. As the fibreglass-reinforced plastic of the test and flushing block can withstand temperatures between -18 degrees Celsius and +90 degrees Celsius, even thermal disinfection is no problem.
“When upgrading the Flexx.Boxx, we studied the individual steps installers take when fitting the concealed unit precisely and assessed them for potential optimisations. With the new Flexx.Boxx, we succeeded in eliminating unnecessary steps for installers, improving safety during assembly,” says Christoph Reiß, Head of Marketing at the Kludi Group.

Kludi – The fittings specialist

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Westphalian town of Menden, is a German specialist in the field of bathroom and kitchen tap and shower systems. Kludi’s brand claim “Water in Perfection” defines its ambition to create top quality. The bathroom fitting range is based on two key elements. It offers clearly defined styles under the heading “Smart Luxury”, while “Pure Function” combines solid quality with great practicality in functional fittings. Matching “Shower Dreams” concepts are available for both bathroom ranges. In the field of kitchen fittings, Kludi presents a wide range of products in the “Kitchen Competence” series.

For almost 100 years, the internationally active family company has been influencing the use of water in the household with groundbreaking fitting concepts and innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. More than 1,000 staff members in the Kludi group develop, produce and market products for specialist trade and craft companies in numerous countries around the world. From its headquarters in Menden, the Kludi company group manages 13 international sales organisations. The products are manufactured in three European production facilities. The company runs its own production facility in the United Arab Emirates as a joint venture.

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