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KLUDI FRESHLINE: Sheer showering enjoyment

With the Freshline hand shower, Kludi offers a balance between awkwardly large and overly minimalist shower heads. Freshline combines the best of both worlds: maximum showering pleasure with a simple, sleek design that is comfortable to hold. Its handset is made of high-quality, gleaming chrome-plated plastic. The white shower-head base with anti-limescale spray nozzles produces a clean shower even in hard-water areas. Simply wipe away limescale from time to time with a sponge.

In addition to the usual one-spray pattern (Volume Jet), the hand shower is also available in a convenient three-spray version. By simply twisting the shower-head adjuster, showering can be changed to Volume Jet, Smooth Line and Booster – simple operation for a refreshing shower experience. The Volume Jet uses the entire diameter of the 14-centimetre shower-head base and is broad and gentle. The "Booster" jet variant produces an invigorating massage jet, while the "Smooth Line" jet variant has rows of mini-aerators mixing air into the water, resulting in an even broader and more gentle stream of water.

A highlight for all those who like to dry their shower area after showering is the three-spray version of Freshline, which offers a practical drain function: by changing the jet mode after closing the mixer, the residual water simply drains from the shower head so that there is no dripping. Anyone who has ever become wet whilst drying the shower or has to dry off surfaces twice will appreciate this exclusive feature from Kludi.

A complete shower solution, also suitable for retrofitting

Freshline Dual Shower, the new product combination from Kludi, stands for multidimensional showering comfort regulated by a thermostat. The shower system features a 25-centimetre overhead shower, a height-adjustable 3S handset on a shower rod and a shower mixer with thermostat control all in one. The latter not only delivers water at a pleasant temperature without fluctuations, it also has Hot-Stop scald protection function at 38 degrees. The shower head can also be swung to the side freely and smoothly and can be adjusted in height up to 30 cm, making tall people happy as well as owners of bathrooms with low ceilings.

In addition, with the new Freshline wall bar, Kludi has incorporated the highest quality with functional comfort: the wall bar is available in lengths of 600 and 900 mm and is equipped with a particularly gentle cone holder where a plastic inlay prevents scratching and protects the chrome on the cone of the shower hose. The hand wheel for adjusting the height of the hand shower is also well designed with a narrow, easy-grip stick, and is easy to operate even with wet and soapy hands. All Freshline variants can also be combined with the Suparaflex Silver shower hose, which is twist-proof on both sides. Its sleek, silver finish harmonises perfectly with the gleaming chrome design of Freshline and is very easy to clean.

Kludi – The fittings specialist

Kludi GmbH & Co. KG, based in the Westphalian town of Menden, is a German specialist in the field of bathroom and kitchen tap and shower systems. Kludi’s brand claim “Water in Perfection” defines its ambition to create top quality. The bathroom fitting range is based on two key elements. It offers clearly defined styles under the heading “Smart Luxury”, while “Pure Function” combines solid quality with great practicality in functional fittings. Matching “Shower Dreams” concepts are available for both bathroom ranges. In the field of kitchen fittings, Kludi presents a wide range of products in the “Kitchen Competence” series.

For almost 100 years, the internationally active family company has been influencing the use of water in the household with groundbreaking fitting concepts and innovative solutions for kitchens and bathrooms. More than 1,000 staff members in the Kludi group develop, produce and market products for specialist trade and craft companies in numerous countries around the world. From its headquarters in Menden, the Kludi company group manages 13 international sales organisations. The products are manufactured in three European production facilities. The company runs its own production facility in the United Arab Emirates as a joint venture.

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