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An electronic fitting detects your movement and triggers the water jet. The temperature is preset on a temprature control handle.




Electronic fittings for the wash basin and kitchen sink can contribute to additional hygiene and improved protection against infection: Since they can be operated completely without contact, the risk of transmission of viruses and germs also decreases.

Safe water

The flow rate in the electronically controlled Kludi fittings is reduced. For the Kludi ZENTA E models, for example, it is an economical 4.8 liters per minute. This ensures a sustainable use of resources on the one hand and saves money on the other.

Hygiene flush

For reasons of drinking water safety, all Kludi electronic fittings are equipped with an automatic hygiene flush to prevent microbiological contamination by standing water.

The standard
for public areas


Non-contact mixers with sensor technology have long become the norm in public and semi-public areas. They save water and thermal energy thanks to operating times that can be set exactly. They save cleaning because they operate without contact. As mechanical levers have been dispensed with, they are more resistant in the tough everyday environment of restaurants, public toilets, stations, airports and service stations.

KLUDI can not only point to its many years of experience in sensor technology – the specialist for mixers has a portfolio with a huge variety of products with the most diverse features and functions. For every possible area of application in properties.



Sensor technology for the home too


Simply intelligent:
technology adjusted to the user’s needs

Non-contact sensor control

The water runs as soon as movement has been registered in the detection field.

Set as required

KLUDI’s sensor-operated mixers are available in various models: as a pillar tap to run cold water or with a mixing mode to run warm water. The water temperature can be set using a temperature selector handle. There is also an option for presetting the temperature without a control lever – for a once-only preset.

Hybrid technology

In addition to the sensor controls, in kitchens you can operate it as usual by hand.

Battery or mains operation

Depending on the model, the electronic mixers draw the power required to operate the sensors either from an integrated battery or from the socket via the corresponding power supply unit. When retrofitting a sensor mixer, we recommend the battery version, which reduces conversion work to a minimum.


Premium solutions for the kitchen: sensor and manual operation


The premium model is the essence of design and function: with purist clean lines and technical functionality, KLUDI E-GO comes in two different designs with a classic curved spout or the practical double-arch spout that extends the working radius.

This kitchen mixer offers more than intelligent sensor-operated controls. Even when you don’t have a free hand, KLUDI E-GO offers the unique hybrid technology for conventional manual operation at a preset temperature with a side lever or automatic operation with the dual zone sensor system.

The water is turned on without physical contact via the activation field five centimetres in front of the base of the mixer. The water will run as long as an object or a movement is detected in the field. It turns off after three seconds – and can then be turned on again in the activation field.




One-hole basin mixers


KLUDI ZENTA’s design is a combination of a square and a cylinder – a classic example of minimalism and design. KLUDI is expanding the line with some real highlights in terms of function: KLUDI ZENTA offers ultra-modern mixer technology in the smallest of spaces – and its design is nonetheless fully compatible with the conventional KLUDI ZENTA model. A combination of single-lever basin mixers and electronic mixers in the same property is a simple matter.

This line of mixers has been designed for tough everyday use. The mixer is without superfluous frills and designed for functionality: the sensor is located in the base. Its reach is set in the factory at 120 mm. The battery and mains adapter are easy to access as they are installed under the washbasin.




Concealed basin mixers

Premium wash areas with a difference

The high-tech solutions for premium washbasin units: the wide variety in the KLUDI ZENTA series offering various different types of concealed basin mixers will satisfy every whim – and meet every set of requirements when planning bathrooms and sanitary installations. The reliable technology is located behind the round or square soft-edge wall mounted modules. Short or long spouts deliver the water where it is needed. Suitable for washbasins as well as wash bowls.

The sensor-operated wall-mounted mixers are available as a mixer model with a temperature control unit. Optionally also without a control unit, available – in this case the temperature can be preset during installation. The sensor is found below the spout and reaches up to 30 cm – ideal for secure, non-contact operation.


A most successful model – now with electronic controls


Its perfect lines take their form from flowing water. The organic, streamlined appeal of KLUDI BALANCE has been awarded numerous design prizes. KLUDI has expanded this line with electronic mixers.

A new addition is the WHITE model with white-coated finish – it has an especially elegant, pure and high-quality appearance. The KLUDI BALANCE range has been rounded off: pillar tap, washbasin mixer with temperature selector handle and a model for non-pressurised hot water supply are available.

Special technology: the sensor in the mixer is automatically calibrated to the washbasin situation after installation. An adjustable hygienic flush every 24 hours prevents stagnant water. The shut-off time for water after the last sensor signal can be adjusted individually at between 0.1 and 5 seconds.