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The origin of individual elegance

KLUDI NOVA FONTE stands for timeless elegance and special value in the modern classic bathroom. With its three style variations, the fittings series offers a wide range of design options to give the bathroom a very personal touch:
From tradition-conscious to puristically straight-lined to decorative and playful.

Experience the three style variations and the unique design variety of KLUDI NOVA FONTE
- see for yourself the numerous advantages of this range of fittings.


Classic, Puristic and Déco – KLUDI NOVA FONTE offers a multitude of design possibilities for the bathroom. Something to fit for every style. After all, interior design is all about finding a personal touch.

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KLUDI NOVA FONTE is not simply a new range in the sophisticated smart luxury segment – it is a concept that is arguably unique in the world of fittings and opens up a wide range of design options for the bathroom.

Something to fit for every style

The three design styles, Classic, Puristic and Déco, each offer their own interpretation of the classic modern bathroom. The visual expression of this style is found in the way the handles and base beautifully combine purist and classic design elements, resulting in unequalled examples of post-modern elegance and timeless sophistication.


Balance interplay of forms: the striking cross handle and the round, stepped base give NOVA FONTE Classic its distinctive character.

Reduced to the essentials: the exact geometries and minimalist shapes of the wing handle and base embody timeless elegance and modern grace.

Modern ornaments: the elegant lines of the slightly upward-arching base continues seamlessly in the subtle curves of the star handle.

A fit for every style: Classic, Puristic, Déco

Wing, cross and star handles each embody one of the three designs of KLUDI NOVA FONTE. Yet they all share the same design language, allowing them to come together perfectly in the same bathroom. Eighteen different versions of two-handle fittings leave virtually nothing to be desired for the style of the washbasin in any design-conscious bathroom. KLUDI NOVA FONTE also offers matching two-handle mixers for bath and shower as well as bath and shower sets and shower kits in all three styles.

0°, 150°, 360°: Rotating spout

No two washbasin environments are alike, and everyone has their very own needs and preferences for the washbasin in their home. For extra space at the washstand, users can choose the swivel range of the KLUDI NOVA FONTE three-hole and single-hole pillar fitting to accommodate their wishes in the best possible way. It can be locked easily in place or limited to 150° using a ring. To enable the spout to swivel a full 360°, a second ring is required, which KLUDI provides with the fitting.

Increased efficiency: Soft-start top elements

With conventional fittings, it is often difficult to adjust the water volume to the exact level desired. As soon as the mixer is turned on, water gushes into the basin. With KLUDI NOVA FONTE, however, the water flow can be precisely regulated – thanks to special soft-start top elements, which enable the valve to be opened and closed by 90°. Precise regulation of the water quantity means that only the amount of water actually needed at the time will flow.. Furthermore, this avoids the annoying splashing of water, reducing the amount of cleaning needed at the washstand.

Keep a low profile: Bath fitting diverter

Unlike most bath mixers, the KLUDI NOVA FONTE bath mixer is deliberately restrained in appearance: the diverter that enables you to switch between the bath spout and hand shower at the bathtub. Instead of the usual protruding control element, on NOVA FONTE models it is installed almost flush with the spout. Yet, thanks to its clearly visible marking, it can be easily and clearly identified – and operating it is a breeze.

Pure enjoyment of water: Laminar jet regulator

Crystal-clear water, like the water in a lake high up in the mountains, is provided by the pressureindependent laminar jet regulator, incorporated as standard in KLUDI NOVA FONTE fittings. It produces a transparent stream of water, which – as opposed to the usual method – is not mixed with air. The water flows into the sink as quietly as a whisper and without splashing. Incidentally, the laminar jet is also considered particularly hygienic. And what is more enjoyable than pure water!

True workmanship: Uncompromising quality

KLUDI products embody quality workmanship, the kind associated with the ‘Made in Germany’ quality markin Germany and abroad. From product development and in-house tool construction to manual final assembly, the quality management and quality assurance teams work together with all employees to make sure that the fittings and showers meet strictest finishing, functionality and durability requirements. The goal here is to maximise customer and user satisfaction worldwide. Regularly certified and audited processes such as incoming goods inspections and manufacturing supervision help keep the complaint rate steadily low at significantly less than one percent.

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