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The high art of simplicity

Thanks to its reduction to the essentials, the Kludi Cockpit Discovery shower system is easier to use and makes showering more pleasurable

  • Kludi Cockpit Discovery focuses on a simple, clear and intuitive operation and sophisticated functionality for a more en-joyable shower experience.
  • Kludi designed the shower system to be largely plastic-free, relying instead on premium, durable materials – including aluminium for the first time.
  • Its subtle, elegant design vocabulary and modern look and feel make Kludi Cockpit Discovery a perfect match for the urban lifestyle of our time.
  • The system’s ease of assembly makes the sanitation professional’s work easer and speeds up the safe installation process.
  • Available from mid-March 2019.

Aircraft and sports car cockpits are tailored to their users, focusing on maximum clarity, simplicity and ease of operation. High above the clouds and on the race track, intuitive operation is a crucial factor. Kludi (www.kludi.com) drew inspiration from this operating concept when developing the new Kludi Cockpit Discovery shower system. Its operation has been reduced to the essential: two prominently located controls adjust the water temperature and volume of the head and handheld showers, respectively. Simply turn the controls to find the perfect setting for you. It’s intuitive, comfortable and effortless for anyone – young or old, fighting fit or with physical disabilities. Unambiguous and clearly visible pictograms illustrate the functions. In addition, the controls are prominently located on the front of the fitting body so that they are easy accessible and visible for the shower user – just like in a cockpit. Their 40° rearward tilt improves handling and operability, as verified by ergonomic tests. They are positioned at a convenient height so that young shower users or users with mobility issues won’t have any difficulties either. The controls are deliberately designed to be large so that they fit your hand perfectly, providing a secure grip.

The shape of the handheld shower also reflects ergonomic principles. The handle shape, rounded edges and the meticulously balanced weight distribution between the large shower head and the slim handle make it a pleasure to hold. The fitting also provides a convenient shelf surface, providing additional functionality. The generous, 550-millimetre shelf can hold up to five kilograms on either side, which means that shower users can even use it to steady themselves in the shower if necessary – for example when washing their feet or shaving their legs. The complete thermal isolation of the functional unit inside the fitting and the dedicated insulated water routing both serve to ensure that the shelf and the lower shell do not become hot.

Sustainable, top-class materials
Kludi did not stop at re-imagining the operating concept of the shower system from the ground up, however. The fittings specialist from the Sauerland region also broke new ground in its choice of materials to set new standards in durability, eco-friendliness and premium quality, while also ensuring maximum precision in finishing. The shelf, for example, is made of 100 percent recyclable aluminium. Its high-grade, impact- and scratch-resistant E-coating, which is also used in the automotive industry and ocean-going ship-building, significantly improves corrosion protection, so that users can enjoy showering with the Kludi Cockpit Discovery for years to come. Also, the modern look and feel of this high-grade material and its final surface finish with high-gloss white powder-coating are a perfect match for urban furnishing and lifestyles.

While designing the Cockpit Discovery, the fittings experts at Kludi avoided plastics wherever possible and appropriate. For example, the controls and shower wall bracket are made of solid, durable die-cast zinc. Similarly, the temperature control unit inside the fitting body is made of robust brass. Finally, the packaging is also almost completely free of plastic: It consists primarily of cardboard, produced from recycled waste paper. Completely biodegradable plastic-like materials made from cornstarch are also used. The head shower is wrapped in a fabric bag that can be used during assembly, for example to protect the beautiful shelf from drilling dust.

Quick and safe to install
To make the sanitation, heating and air conditioning professional’s work a little easer, Kludi also focused on making the shower system easy to install. The lower shell and functional unit are already pre-assembled on delivery, so that only a few steps is all that’s needed to fit Kludi Cockpit Discovery to existing connections. That is one of the reasons why it doesn’t take two or three trade professionals to install it – one experienced installer is enough, unlike many other systems. What is more, the shelf does not need to be sealed with silicone, as it forms a tight seal against the wall at the rear with a sturdy foam-based material when installed.

Showering pleasure, elegant design
This ensures that a cleanly installed Kludi Cockpit Discovery shower system, with its minimalist design, soft lines and elegant curves, transforms every bathroom into a stylish place to relax. Thanks to its astonishingly streamlined form, the Cockpit appears to float in the air and lends the room a comforting lightness. That makes Kludi Cockpit Discovery a subtle star. This impression is amplified by the extremely slim silhouette of the large head shower, whose soft edges mirror those of the handheld shower and the shower wall bracket. Kludi Cockpit Discovery makes the daily shower ritual a true experi-ence for all the senses, in particular due to the lush, soft rain spray emerging from the head and handheld shower. Its angular form, in line with the body’s silhouette, ensures soothing, ample water distribution and makes showering as enjoyable as possible. In short: Water in Perfection.


Kludi Cockpit Discovery Shower system in white/chrome for wall mounting, comprising:

  • large, single spray head shower (400 mm x 260 mm) with a pressure limiter
  • large, single spray handheld shower
  • thermostat fitting with hot water restrictor (at 40 °C), ceramic shut-off valve, aluminium shelf (550 mm x 150 mm x 59 mm) with high-grade E-coating and completely thermally isolated brass control unit
  • shower hose with metal look (length: 1.25 m or 1.60 m)
  • wall-mounted shower bracket (adjustable angle)
  • shower rod with internal water routing

KLUDI csoport
A KLUDI a fürdőszobai és konyhai csaptelepek, zuhanytermékek, fürdőszobai kiegészítők és teljes körű fürdőszoba koncepciók német szakértője. Az 1926-ban, a vesztfáliai Mendenben alapított családi vállalkozás a konyhát és fürdőszobát érintő forradalmi újításokkal és gyakorlati fejlesztésekkel alakította az iparágat. Számos, a mai csaptelepekre és zuhanyokra jellemző tulajdonság Mendenből származik. A KLUDI nevéhez fűződnek olyan innovatív megoldások, mint a multicsatlakozós csaptelep, mely esetében a mosó- vagy mosogatógép vízelzárása a csaptesten elhelyezett zárószeleppel szabályozható, vagy a bajonettzár, mely lehetővé teszi, hogy a csaptestet elfektethessük, így az esetlegesen az ablak elé telepített csaptelep nem képez akadályt az ablaktábla kinyitásakor. Fejlesztéseink egyik koronaékszer a világújdonság hibrid csaptelep, a KLUDI E-GO, mely egy szenzorral, elektronikusan, illetve karral, manuálisan is működtethető konyhai csaptelep. Több, mint 1000 kollégán dolgozik azon, hogy a német technológia és design megfeleljen vásárlóink magas elvárásainak a világ 100 országában. A KLUDI forgalmának több mint 50 százalékát Németországon kívül bonyolítja. Ezért található a Németországi központ mellett világszerte 12 országban márkaképviselet, közöttük 3 Európában létesített gyártóüzem.

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