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Update of a timeless classic

The Kludi Zenta SL range of fittings place emphasis on delicate design, contemporary minimalism and top-class materials

  • Zenta SL takes up the design trend towards “thinness” and impresses viewers with its interplay between straight geo-metric lines and soft curves.
  • Zenta SL offers a wide range of solutions for a great variety of interior designs in modern bathrooms.
  • Available from mid-March 2019. 

With Zenta SL, the Sauerland-based fittings specialist Kludi (www.kludi.com) presents a modern extension of its nationally and internationally most successful Zenta series, which – launched in 2007 – is already recognized today as a design classic. Also celebrating its premiere at the ISH 2019 is the new comprehensive range of fittings, which shows a clear concept with a fresh design. Its slender, minimalist design vocabulary is inspired by the delicate “slim” design which is fully in line with the current trend in bathroom interiors, as can be seen from the growing range of thin-walled ceramics and small washbowls on the market. The consistently geometric, clear form of the fittings is shared by all Zenta SL models, including the various solutions for washbasins as well as bathtubs and showers. Their discreetly elegant purism harmonizes perfectly with timeless, urban décor. The comprehensive Zenta SL range, currently consisting of 18 individual products, allows a great variety of design options to be implemented in modern, premium-segment bathrooms depending on customers’ wishes and requirements: from small, compact guest WCs all the way to spacious family and multi-generation bathrooms.

Ingenious interplay of forms
Zenta SL is characterised by its finely balanced, harmonic interplay between rectangular and circular forms, angular clarity combined with soft curves. For example, the slender, cylindrical tap body of the washbasin mixer flows smoothly into the even surface of the concise, linear shape of the extremely flat spout. The lever floats directly above the rectangular spout and repeats its softly curved contour where it touches the round body of the mixer. This imparts a sense of calmness and serenity upon viewing. The concealed, wall-mounted two-hole mixer presents itself with a continuous, rectangular covering plate made of polished metal, whose elegant high-gloss surface is a real eye-catcher on the washbasin. This design element is carried over onto the single lever mixers in the shower and on the bathtub. Their amazingly slender tap body ends in a large, perfectly smooth front plate, whose clear geometry gives the mixers a strong, individual character. The surface-mounted shower mixer leaves considerably more room for movement, thanks to its cartridge being positioned far back in the typical Kludi way, ensuring unobstructed showering pleasure even in small shower cubicles.

A diversified range
The Zenta SL range also impresses by its wide choice and diversity, which offers appropriate solutions for virtually every type of interior. The programme includes, among others:

  • single lever washbasin mixers with 75 mm or 100 mm spout height
  • a one-piece casted high-riser single lever mixer with 240 mm spout height for combination with washbowls
  • washbasin mixer taps with a lever on the side and a cubic, cast “L” spout, 220 mm high and rotatable by 360°, providing additional free space for movement at the washbasin
  • two hole (concealed) single lever washbasin mixer for wall mount-ing with a rectangular front plate made of polished metal
  • single lever shower mixer (surface-mounted)
  • single lever bath and shower mixer (surface-mounted)
  • single lever shower mixer with cylindrical rosette for (concealed) wall mounting
  • single lever bath and shower mixer with bathtub tap and cylindrical rosette for (concealed) wall mounting

For sustainable resource Management
Thanks to innovative EcoPlus technology, Kludi fittings stand out due to their economical as well as highly efficient use of water. This also applies to the Zenta SL range – especially to the optional washbasin fittings with 75 mm spout height, where the cartridge is set to deliver only cold water as long as the lever is left at its normal centre position. Warm or hot water will only be drawn when the user deliberately decides to do so and moves the lever to the left accordingly. This contributes to reducing hot water and energy consumption in turn, which is beneficial both ecologically and economically.

In addition, the high-quality aerators built into all washbasin fittings are extremely user-friendly. The inner part made of limescale-repellent plastic is robust and easy to clean. The water flow quantity is also limited to a thrifty seven litres per minute.

A vesztfáliai Mendenben található Kludi GmbH & Co. KG a konyhai és fürdőszobai csaptelepek és zuhanyrendszerek specialistája. A Kludi márka mottója, a "Water in Perfection" is a kiváló minőség megteremtésére való törekvést fejezi ki. A fürdőszobai csaptelepek két fő jellemző alapján alkotnak kategóriát. A "Smart Luxury" termékként fémjelzett családokat a markáns stílusjegyek határozzák meg, míg a "Pure Function" kategóriájú termékek a minőség és praktikus funkcionalitás kombinációját testesítik meg. Az ezekhez kombinálható "Shower Dreams" zuhanykoncepciók mindkét termékkörhöz kiválóan illeszkednek. A konyhai csaptelepek "Kitchen Competence" termékköre változatos kínálatot nyújt.

Úttörő megoldásokat kínáló termékeivel és innovációival a fürdőszobai és a konyhai csaptelepek piacán, a nemzetközi területen is aktív, családi tulajdonú cég komoly hatással volt a háztartások vízhasználatára az elmúlt, közel 100 éveben. A Kludi cégcsoport több, mint 1.000 munkatársa fejleszti, gyártja és értékesíti a termékeket szakkereskedések és kivitelezőcégek számára a világ számos országában. Mendenben található központjából a Kludi cégcsoport 13 nemzetközi értékesítési szervezetet irányít. A termékek gyártása három európai üzemben történik. Emellett a cég magáénak tudhat még egy gyártóüzemet az Egyesült Arab Emirátusok területén is, mely vegyesvállalati formában működik.

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