Kitchen Competence

The design of the KLUDI M2 is delicate yet straightforward, and blends optimally into modern kitchen settings. The tall outlet with 360° swivel spout gives you the space you need at your kitchen sink and is particularly convenient.

Innovations & product highlights

Minimalist and straightforward

The KLUDI M2 series is characterised by a design that has been reduced to the essentials. The harmonious interplay of the rounded body with the flat spout and lever rising at the same angle gives the fitting a balanced, delicate look. M2 is perfect for modern kitchen settings with its minimalist and straightforward design.

Space galore at the sink

The KLUDI M2 adds modern features for kitchen sinks. The high outlet with 360° swivel spout gives you the space you need at your kitchen sink and is particularly convenient and versatile.

360° swivel spout

Do you need more space at the sink? The 360° swivel spout makes the M2 ideal for sink applications.

Quick and easy installation

‘Improving every detail’ – That was KLUDI’s vision for the new kitchen series. To help make this vision a reality, we added innovative features to make installation even easier. Quick installation saves time and money. As a result, the KLUDI M2 comes with: DO-IT® – longer, flexible connecting hoses (at least 460 mm) Quick & easy to install shaft mount for absolutely secure fastening

Features for simple installation

The KLUDI M2 is equipped with long (at least 460 mm), flexible connecting hoses. That makes it suitable for any installation situation rising – extensions are no longer required!

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The KLUDI shaft mount fastens the KLUDI M2 securely to the sink.
In the upgraded shaft mount, the shaft nut is now easy to screw on by hand. Three cap screws hold it in place.

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Plastic-free packaging

KLUDI has been consistently transitioning its product packaging to plastic-free materials since 2019. The KLUDI M2 packaging is now plastic-free, too.

Instead of single-use plastic packaging that generates more waste and pollutes the environment, KLUDI packages its products exclusively in re-usable cardboard and bio-based materials. They are made of cornstarch and 100% biodegradable.

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KLUDI Kitchen Competence

Since 1926, we at KLUDI have been focusing on the development and manufacture of quality fittings. Our aim is to make good products even better with innovative solutions. That starts with helping plumbers and designers as well as bathroom and kitchen specialists.

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The design of the KLUDI M2 is filigree and linear and blends perfectly into the modern kitchen ambience. The high, 360° swivel spout provides the necessary space at the sink and extra comfort.

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With the optimised shank fastening, the shank nut can now be easily screwed on by hand and securely fastened by three cheese-head screws.

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KLUDI DO-IT® guarantees effortless installation thanks to extra-long flexible connection hoses, so you don't need any additional extension pieces. With KLUDI, you are prepared for any installation situation.

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The intricate, straightforward design is a perfect match for a modern kitchen setting.

The KLUDI M2 adds optimal features for kitchen sinks.

The harmonious interplay of forms gives the fitting a balanced elegance.

The tall spout gives you the space you need at your kitchen sink.

KLUDI M2 – delicate and straightforward.

Kitchen Competence concept
Performance for Life

In kitchens, functionality comes first. The KLUDI Kitchen Competence concept divides customer expectations into three categories:


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