Fittings Guide

All you need to know about bathroom, shower and kitchen fittings

More than just a tap! A fitting is a complex, intricate product. As a result, it has to meet the highest standards every day. Whether for showering, bathing, washing or cleaning, KLUDI has the ideal washbasin, shower or bathtub fitting. Everything you need to know!

You can always find the perfect solution for your personal taste or your space. Plumbers or sanitation engineers can help you choose and fit the ideal tap based on their expertise.


How does a fitting work?

Depending on where they are installed – washbasin, bidet, bathtub, shower or a kitchen sink – water outlets only tend to differ marginally in terms of their construction and function. Generally speaking, a tap is unidirectional valve that operates using the pressure from the water pipe. The water flow is started either by sensor or by operating a lever. Hybrid solutions are particularly popular in kitchens, where users sometimes need to start water with their hands full.

Perlator/ Luftsprudler
What is an aerator?

Aerators, or flow regulators, are nozzles in the spout of the tap. The aerator widens and directs the stream of water. Specially designed seals prevent unintentional water loss from the tap. As a result, dripping taps should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible to avoid wasting water and excessive water costs, as well as limescale spots.

Standards and certifications
Which are important?

All fittings sold in Germany are subject to a range of national and international standards and regulations. For example, there are sound insulation requirements like those specified in DIN 4109 (sound insulation in buildings) for apartment buildings and hospitals. Fittings are generally divided into two noise classes: noise class I (< 20 dB) is equivalent to the volume of your own breathing, while noise class II (< 30 dB) is roughly the same volume as a computer fan. Manufacturers can also obtain numerous non-mandatory product certifications and quality marks. To ensure that a fitting offers sufficient security and quality, customers should check that products have the required certificates or quality marks like the DVGW mark or TÜV certificate. The noise mark ‘P-IX’ shows the noise class: e.g P-IX 8049/IB with noise class I and flow class B.

High-pressure or low-pressure fittings.
What do I need?

The type of water heating system determines whether you need a high-pressure or low-pressure fitting. Is water heated by a boiler/hot water storage tank, a flow heater or a central heating system? If the fitting is connected directly to the pipeline, you need a high-pressure fitting. However, if you only have a cold water pipe, and the water is heated by a hot water storage tank, you need a low-pressure fitting.

Installation methods

Before planning your bathroom, it is important to choose an installation method so that your plumber can plan all the connections.


This type of fitting is mounted in front of the wall and the water is mixed inside the fitting itself.

Concealed installation

A fitting with a concealed water mixer installed inside the wall, and wall-mounted controls and water spout. Required KLUDI accessories – FLEXX.BOXX.


Fittings & functions

Single-lever mixers

Single-lever mixers allow you set the temperature and volume with a single control element operated with one hand. The other hand is free to check whether the water from the spout is the right temperature.

Two-handle fittings

Two-handle fittings have separate valves for hot and cold water. Their classic look makes these fittings particularly popular. Dual controls let users fill bathtubs with hot water without significant heat losses – and then cool the bath down to the ideal temperature by adding cold water.

Fittings with high spouts

KLUDI fittings offer more room – with high spouts, for example. These make filling watering cans, buckets or vases easier and washing your hair in the washbasin less awkward. Models with rotating spouts also ensure that the fitting is never in the way.

Wall-mounted fittings

You can choose between two different versions of this type of fitting: surface-mounted and concealed. We recommend using the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX for the concealed solution, as concealed units are essential for this installation method.

Electronic fittings

An infrared sensor offers a contact-free way to switch on the water. These fittings offer a higher level of hygiene, originally designed for public washrooms. However, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice for guest bathrooms or frequently used private bathrooms. Hands-free operation makes them very easy to clean, because you don’t have to switch them off with wet hands.

To sensor fittings

The temperature of the thermostat is preset on a scale. Water comes out of the spout at the perfect temperature, thanks to a special thermal element. The highly responsive mixing element compensates for any temperature fluctuations in the domestic piping, before the user even notices. Thermostats have an anti-scald function: a hot water shut-off. That is an important safety factor in households with children.

Concealed fittings

In concealed fittings, the fitting bodies – the fitting’s functional elements – are integrated in the wall, while the controls are mounted on the wall. The KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX makes fittings like these very safe, even though the technology is hidden in the wall. Installing a FLEXX.BOXX lets you to change the function and design of your fitting retrospectively, for example switching from a single-lever mixer to a thermostat, or choosing another design line.


Pick your favourite design!

KLUDI has the perfect fitting for every taste and bathroom design.

KLUDI’s special functions for washbasins

A focused stream of water

Washbasins and fittings don’t always work well with one another. How can you ensure that the fitting directs the stream of water to where it splashes least? KLUDI has the solution! The s-pointer stream shaper can be adjusted precisely with your finger. Once the fitting is installed, you can determine where the stream is directed yourself!

Saving water

KLUDI uses Eco aerators to reduce the water consumption of its fittings by up to 40%, with no adverse affect on performance. Some KLUDI single-lever mixers have the KLUDI EcoPlus feature. In the central position, single-lever mixers deliver cold water. That is generally enough to wash your hands and saves the energy required to heat water.

High spouts

Many people don’t just use washbasins to wash their hands. With wide spouts, high spouts and many different spout shapes, the KLUDI free space concept makes it easy to fill watering cans, buckets or vases, and to wash your hair in the washbasin.

Low pressure

Do you have a separate boiler in the bathroom? If so, you need a low-pressure fitting.

Sensor fittings

Contact-free operation using intelligent KLUDI sensor technology for a more hygienic washbasin. An optical sensor detects when your hands are close to the fitting and switches on the water at a preset temperature.

To sensor fittings

Save energy and help the environment! The water is cold when the fitting lever is in the middle. That is generally enough to wash your hands and saves the energy required to heat water.

KLUDI’s special features for kitchens

Electronic fittings

KLUDI sensor technology is the key to turning on the water flow at a sink without touching anything. Hand movement in the sensor’s detection zone starts the water running. The electricity required is sourced from a conventional long-life battery or the 230 volt mains supply. This convenient solution means that you don’t have to clean the fitting constantly.

To sensor fittings
Window installation

A kitchen unit under a window instantly makes a kitchen more liveable. The KLUDI bayonet function lets you move the fitting out of the way to open the window. All you have to do is lift it up and lay it flat, so that the window opens freely.

Pull-out spout

A pull-out spout increases the spout range. Thanks to a balanced system of counterweights, the hose glides smoothly, reliably and neatly back into the spout after use.

Pull-out spray tap

An adjustable pull-out spray tap is extremely useful when washing pots and pans. A rocker switch lets you choose the function: the volume jet for filling or steeping, and the powerful spray jet to remove food waste and rinse surfaces.


With a KLUDI multi-connector, you have one less thing to worry about. The little valve on the fitting base shuts off the water for the dishwasher or the washing machine in the kitchen. One quick turn and you can leave your house without worrying about water leaks, as the valve is closed.

Low pressure

Kitchens located far away from the central water heating system often have small boilers or energy-efficient compact flow heaters under the sink. A low-pressure fitting is necessary in cases like this.

Quick-release coupling

The KLUDI quick-release coupling helps install kitchen fittings with pull-out sprays or pull-out spouts quickly and safely. The end section of the pull-out spout or pull-out spray hose clicks into place on the corresponding adapter on the fitting body.


Reduced water consumption for more sustainability! The KLUDI Eco aerators integrated in many products reduce water consumption by up to 40%.

KLUDI’s special features for showers

Control your shower at the push of a button

A shower and bath operating concept that is as simple as it is ingenious! The ergonomic buttons start and stop the flow of water at the push of a button, the temperature is preset on the thermostat lever. The mechanical buttons click gently but audibly into place, but are not recessed into the fitting. KLUDI PUSH is available with round or square rosettes in a soft-edge design and is robust and easy to clean.


In brand-name fittings, single-lever mixers and thermostatic single-lever mixers are generally equipped with adjustable hot water shut-offs, which limit the maximum temperature and prevent scalding.

No dripping

No dripping, no trouble, better hygiene – with the patented KLUDI emptying feature. A small switch on the hand shower allows excess water remaining in the shower head to simply drain out after use.

Anti-scald function

To prevent scalding on thermostats in showers or bathtubs, KLUDI includes an anti-scald feature, thermally decoupling the water-bearing elements from the external thermostatic bodies. That prevents the heat of the hot water transferring to the exterior, protecting you from scalding.

rotating head shower

Products with this KLUDI symbol have shower rods with an adjustable height range of 30 cm, and a rotating and infinitely adjustable shower arm.

Requirements for quality fittings

Accurate dimensions

The dimensions of brand-name fittings are compatible with all conventional complementary products like washbasins, bathtubs and bidets. This ensures that a washbasin fitting is quick and easy to install on a washbasin or the bath and shower fitting always projects far enough to fill a bath properly.

Leak tightness

Quality fittings need to withstand a constant pressure of up to 10 bar in day-to-day operation. Manufacturers test brand-name fittings for leak tightness in short- and long-term tests. Every KLUDI fitting is tested for leak tightness before delivery.

Hydraulic properties

With KLUDI brand-name fittings, you can be sure that the flow values are standards-compliant. We test the fittings’ mechanical wear properties, e.g. the durability of the functional unit (cartridge), using standardised and proprietary test methods. These tests show that high-quality single-lever mixers can easily withstand 210,000 on/off operations and temperature changes. In practice, this is equivalent to roughly 10 years of use.

How can you recognise a brand-name fitting?

Ease of operation

Brand-name fittings are always extremely user-friendly. The greater the mixed water temperature range, and the more precisely the outflow can be set on a single-hand mixer, the more convenient it is to operate. The mixed water range between spout temperatures of 34°C and 42°C should be adjusted over an angle of at least 15° in a quality fitting. The outflow should be adjustable through an angle of at least 25°.

Finish quality

An internal KLUDI guideline on finishes, detailing the corresponding factory standards, ensures fittings have an attractive, premium finish, produced from a layered structure of premium materials.

Ease of installation

You can tell brand-name products by the ease and speed of installation. They are generally ready to install, i.e. all components are pre-assembled as far as possible. Fittings that are complicated to install come with installation and operating instructions that are easy to understand and self-explanatory.

Intrinsic safety
to protect drinking water

Fittings equipped with a pull-out spray hose, or those that can be combined with one, must be intrinsically protected against backflow. An integrated safety unit prevents dirty water being drawn into the drinking water pipeline network, contaminating it. KLUDI fittings are equipped with as standard.

What is the Drinking Water Ordinance?

The German Drinking Water Ordinance (Trinkwasserverordnung) is intended to protect human health from the adverse effects of drinking contaminated water. Its regulations ensure that drinking and service water remains pure and potable at all times. All materials in contact with water must fulfil hygienic requirements to guarantee the purity and potability of drinking water constantly.

Metallic materials

KLUDI uses only materials prescribed in the German Environment Agency (UBA) list for drinking water-carrying components.

Non-metallic materials

All non-metallic materials in contact with water must be approved for contact with drinking water by the Federal Health Agency (Bundesgesundheitsamt). The product materials are tested for long-term microbiological properties.

Reduction of lead solubility

All KLUDI fittings are manufactured to German, European and international standards.


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