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Technical terms explained simply

  • A - D
  • E - H
  • I - L
  • M - P
  • Q - T
  • U - W
  • X - Z
  • a

  • Aerator

    Brand name for an aerator/jet controller

  • b

  • Backflow preventer

    A special type of valve that opens in the direction of flow and shuts off if the flow changes direction. This stops the water from flowing back.

  • dc6f1

  • Backflow protection

    Protection against contamination of drinking water through backflow.

  • c7927

  • Bath filler

    The main mixer tap for supplying bath water.

  • 46f6a

  • Bayonet fitting

    Fitting on the mixer tap shaft, which can be released by turning it in the opposite direction and slotting it into place and then reconnected, in order to lay the mixer tap on its side. This means windows can still be opened even if a mixer tap is installed underneath.

    You will find this special feature in many of Kludi’s ranges of kitchen mixer taps.

  • 8ba21

  • Bidet

    A low basin for intimate washing while in a sitting position.

  • 50bd0

  • Body spray

    Showers that are mounted in or on the wall in order to provide the upper body with a spray of water.

  • 09973

  • Booster

    Pulsierender Massagestrahl. Eine von 3 Strahlarten aus der KLUDI A-QA Serie.

  • c

  • Cartridge

    The “heart” of the mixer tap that regulates the amount and temperature of water.

  • f7ad4

  • Cascade – aerator

    Aerator with special dimpling at the water outlet that prevent limescale accumulating.

  • d34c0

  • Ceramic top section

     Another term for the Kludi cartridge.

  • 986c3

  • Chrome

    Produced in a special process, with a high gloss and superior finish, providing protection against corrosion, easy to clean and therefore the most popular choice for mixer taps.

  • 7d50f

  • Concealed aerator

    Aerator that is fitted where it cannot be seen. This does not affect the appearance of the mixer tap.

  • 5d6b8

  • Concealed mixer tap

    Mixer tap with concealed body for mixing water that is installed inside the wall and operating elements and water outlet that are mounted on the wall.

    We differentiate between concealed and surface-mounted mixer taps.

  • d

  • Deck-mounted mixer tap

    Mixer tap that is mounted on the rim of the bath.

  • 35ce1

  • Deluge

    Wide, natural stream of water.

    The KLUDI O-CEAN and JOOP! lines make this flow feel as if it came from a natural spring.

  • fb738

  • Disc shower head

    Large, round shower head.

  • 46b2d

  • Dual Shower System

    Shower unit consisting of overhead and hand-held shower and shower arm and connecting hose, which you can find in the KLUDI A-QA range.

  • e

  • e-control

    The self-learning ability of a sensor in an electronic mixer tap to recognise commands. For intelligent mixer taps like the KLUDI E-GO.

  • 91efa

  • Eco

    Water-saving feature. The KLUDI ECO-S-Pointer saves up to 40% water when you wash your hands.

  • a2bed

  • Electronic mixer tap

    Mixer tap that can be operated without touching it thanks to a sensor, such as the KLUDI E-GO or the KLUDI BALANCE sensor.

  • 3e4c9

  • Escutcheon

    For concealing various connections in the wall, such as a tap for example.

  • 63e4e

  • Extension

    Retractable, front part of a spout.

  • f

  • Fibre hose

    Retractable hose for a kitchen mixer tap, especially quiet and with a soft appearance.

  • f53fc


    Flexible, concealed mixer tap system from KLUDI that can be used to connect all KLUDI bath mixer taps.

    Lever mixer taps can be upgraded to thermostatic mixer taps without having to dismantle them.

  • 3ef20

  • Flow limiter/aerator/jet controller

    Fitting that is screwed into the tap spout to ensure an even flow of water without splashing.

    Adding air makes the jet of water softer and it saves on water consumption.

  • 4022e

  • Flow rate class

    Classification for mixer taps according to the water flow rate.

    If the flow rate is too high, resources are wasted unnecessarily; if it is too low, it may have an adverse affect on convenience.

    This is why standardised flow rates are a matter of course for brand-name mixer taps.The different flow rates are classed as follows:

    Z: 7.5–9.0 litre/minute

    A: 13.5–15.0 litre/minute

    S: 18.0–19.8 litre/minute

    B: 22.8–25.8 litre/minuteC: 27.8–30.0 litre/minute

    D: 34.8–37.8 litre/minute

  • g

  • Grain of silica sand

    The cavity (for the water flow paths) in a mixer tap is created with the help of a grain of silica sand. It is cast into a solid object using silica sand and components from resin and adhesive and is fired for a few seconds once the silica sand has been covered by the molten brass in the permanent mould.

  • h

  • High-pressure mixer tap

    Mixer tap for connecting directly to the central hot water supply.

    There are low-pressure mixer taps as well as high-pressure taps.

  • dd33c

  • Hot Stop

    Heisswassersperre bei 38 C, der als Verbrühungsschutz in Kludi Thermostatbrausearmaturen eingebaut wird und per Knopfdruck überwunden werden kann, um, wenn gewünscht, eine höhere Gradzahl zu erreichen.

  • 4ca01

  • Hybrid mixer tap

    Mixer tap that can be operated electronically or manually, such as the KLUDI E-GO.

  • j

  • Jet controller/flow limiter/aerator

    Fitting that is screwed into the tap spout to ensure an even flow of water without splashing.

    Adding air makes the jet of water softer and it saves on water consumption.

  • 81ce5

  • JOOP!

    Lifestyle brand and Kludi’s brand partner.

    The exclusive JOOP! line of mixer taps from Kludi is the result of collaboration.

  • 1162b

  • Joystick

    Mixer tap lever with ball joint for operation that is as simple as child’s play. You will find it in the KLUDI O-CEAN line, for instance.

  • k

  • KTW approval

    Components made of organic materials that are used in a mixer tap and come into contact with drinking water must have KTW approval (KTW = plastics in contact with drinking water) from the German environmental protection agency (Umweltbundesamt). Health and hygiene regulations are detailed in guidelines, e.g. for organic materials such as plastics, lubricants like valve lubricant or elastomers used in O-rings and gaskets.

    Further requirements to protect drinking water from microorganisms on non-metallic materials are stipulated in the worksheet from the DVGW (DVGW = German Association for the Gas and Water Industry). Materials for seals have to comply with this technical standard, where the product is examined for its long-term microbiological behaviour in a material test. This ensures proof of these materials’ safety for use with drinking water, in particular avoidance of biofilms.

  • l

  • Lever

    Operating element in a mixer tap for regulating the flow and temperature of the water.

  • ca4aa

  • Low-pressure mixer tap

    Mixer tap for open-vented boilers (under-sink device).

    Easily recognisable with the three hoses.

    You will find low-pressure models in many of Kludi’s ranges.

    There are high-pressure mixer taps as well as low-pressure taps.

  • m

  • Micro-cartridge

    The smallest thermostatic control mechanism in the world.

  • 56de8

  • Mixer tap

    Operating element for regulating the supply of water

  • 2cb36

  • Multi-connector

    Connector and shut-off for washing machines and dishwashers in a sink mixer tap. This means that inconvenient pipe branches are no longer needed in the feed pipes. In 1968, Kludi was the first manufacturer to introduce this practical solution.

  • a6078

  • Multifunction mixer tap

    Mixer tap for washbasins and sinks, such as those in the JOOP! range from Kludi, for example.

  • n

  • Noise class

    Classification of mixer taps according to specific standards depending on how much noise they make.

    All mixer taps used in multi-occupancy properties have to comply with DIN 4109 (sound insulation in buildings).

    They are divided into two noise classes depending on the level of noise.

    Noise class I: Emitted noise < 20 dB (A)

    Noise class II: Emitted noise < 30 dB (A)

    High-quality mixer taps are thus distinguished by their classification in noise class I. They have a built-in silencer to reduce noise levels. A “quiet” mixer tap can be identified by the P-IX... noise inspection symbol.

  • o

  • O-Ring

    Sealing ring for two connectors.

  • 3e8cc

  • Odour trap

    An arched section of pipe that is filled with water, fitted in waste pipes to prevent sewage gases from escaping.

  • 3e8cc

  • Odour trap

    An arched section of pipe that is filled with water, fitted in waste pipes to prevent sewage gases from escaping.

  • 296b4

  • Open-vented boiler

    Druckloser (offener) Warmwasserspeicher als Unter- /Übertischgerät , der nur mit Niederdruckarmaturen betrieben werden darf.

  • 11e57

  • Overhead shower

    Overhead shower mounted on the wall or from the ceiling.

  • p

  • Palladium, a platinum-group metal

    A metal in the nickel group that is used to prepare surface finishes.

  • fff64

  • Permanent mould

    Re-usable moulds for casting metals and alloys. Kludi manufactures its own permanent moulds in its in-house metal workshop in order to produce mixer taps.

    A grain of silica sand is placed in the mould. In the foundry, the molten brass is then poured into it slowly, steadily and precisely.

  • 79f47

  • Pillar mixer tap

    Mixer tap for deck mounting on furnishings or ceramic shelves.

  • 7377c

  • Pillar tap

    Tap for running either cold or hot water

  • 5e275

  • PUR coating

    Highly sophisticated technology for coating mixer taps to provide durable, gleaming and scratch-resistant surfaces.

    This method has been used for the KLUDI ZENTA BLACK & WHITE line.

  • 73dab

  • PUSH

    Operating concept for showers and baths: a mechanical button starts and stops the water running.

    Switching between the consumer units by means of a button.

  • r

  • Resistance to corrosion

    Prevents the finish being damaged by gases and water.

  • 8ccd6

  • Retractable shower

    Handset with deck-mounted mixer taps with retractable shower hose.

  • 11e2a

  • Rinser spray

    Retractable spout for a sink mixer tap with spray function. Many of Kludi’s sink mixer taps offer this additional feature.

  • s

  • s-pointer

    Aerator with an adjustable flow angle, which KLUDI developed in 2006.

    The mixer tap can be adjusted continuously using one finger – at any time – without an additional joint or unattractive alterations to the mixer tap.

  • aeb55

  • S-union

    Fitting for mixer taps, for joining different-sized connections.

  • 77723

  • Sensor-operated mixer tap

    Mixer tap with infrared technology that can be operated without contact, such as the KLUDI E-GO or the KLUDI BALANCE sensor

  • 5be1f

  • Shower mixer

    The main mixer tap for supplying/distributing water for showers.

  • f67c1

  • Shutter

    Automatic water stop in the KLUDI E-GO sensor-operated mixer tap.

  • 842e9

  • Single lever basin mixer

    Mixer tap for mounting on washbasins.

  • a74c8

  • Single-lever mixer/mono lever mixer

    Mixer taps with a single lever that can be used with one hand, where the proportion of cold and hot water can be set approximately beforehand.

    We differentiate between single lever mixers or mono lever mixers and two-handle mixer taps.

  • f73ee

  • Single-lever thermostatic mixer tap

    A single-lever thermostatic mixer tap for baths and showers makes it possible to obtain the ideal temperature by mixing hot and cold water with just one lever.

  • f5ae9

  • Sink mixer tap

    Kitchen mixer tap

  • 3e4ca

  • Soft-push

    Easy diverting by pushing a button in Kludi sink mixer taps with rinser spray.

  • 29b23

  • Sound-absorber

    Insulating ring for silent joins of chrome elements and satin-finish glass, which Kludi uses in its KLUDI A-XES accessories.

  • 580a2

  • Spout

    Part of the mixer tap, through which the water comes out.

  • c66bb

  • Stick lever

    Delicate, slimline handle for operating a single lever mixer, such as the KLUDI SCOPE.

  • d7fcb

  • Stop valve

    Valve that either fully releases or fully blocks the flow of water in a pipe

  • edf93

  • Stopcock

    Valve that either fully releases or fully blocks the flow of water in a pipe

  • ee763

  • Surface-mounted mixer tap

    Mixer tap that is wall-mounted where the water is mixed in the tap in front of the wall.

    We differentiate between surface-mounted and concealed (or flush-mounted) mixer taps.

  • t

  • Tap hole

    Hole for a mixer tap in a sanitaryware object.

  • ba3eb

  • Telescopic extension

    Extension for the spout of a mixer tap, such as in one model in the KLUDI L-INE.

  • 5f796

  • Test mark

    The noise level of mixer taps must comply with the rules for sound insulation in buildings according to DIN 4109. The test mark on the mixer tap demonstrates that the accredited national test laboratories have performed the test in accordance with ISO 3822 and that the requirements have been met.

    The code is made up of letters and numbers and gives the following information:

    P = test certificate number

    IX = specialist commission in Germany (building products)

    1234 = registration numberI = noise class

    S = flow rate class

  • 5f574

  • Thermal disinfection

    Method for eradicating Legionnaires’ disease (life-threatening bacteria) from plumbing in houses. To achieve this, the water heater needs to be operated so that the hot water flowing through the pipes still has a temperature of 70 °C. The risk of scalding should be taken into account, or it should be done at times when there is less consumption of hot water. To perform this effectively, hot water tapping points should be opened for at least 3 minutes. This helps to flush the pipe and the tap simultaneously, to disinfect them thermally and it kills the Legionnaires’ disease.

  • c2c7c

  • Thermostat control unit

    Mixer tap controls that allow you to mix cold and hot water just as you like.

  • b41a0

  • Thermostatic 3-hole washbasin mixer tap

    Mixer tap for baths, usually comprising a water outlet to fill the bath and a temperature regulator to adjust the water flow and temperature.

  • 08bc2

  • Thermostatic mixer tap

    Mixer tap where the water temperature can be continuously adjusted.

  • 14d9f

  • Thermostatic mixer valve

    Valve that ensures a stable pressure and constant temperature, in case of fluctuations in water temperature or a drop in pressure during a shower or bath.

  • 84b8e

  • Tightness

    Quality mixer taps need to withstand a constant pressure of 10 bar in daily use.

    Brand-name mixer taps are tested by manufacturers for tightness in long and short-term tests.

    Every mixer tap that leaves Kludi’s factory has first undergone a test for 100% tightness.

  • e1769

  • Two-handle mixer tap

    Mixer tap that has a separate handle for cold and hot water. We differentiate between single lever mixers or mono lever mixers and two-handle mixer taps.

  • v

  • Valve mixers/mixer taps

    Taps that mix the cold and hot water before it comes out of the tap.

  • 2cfa2

  • Volume jet

    Gentle, wide stream of water.One of three spray patterns in the Kludi A-QA range in addition to other articles in KLUDI’s shower range.

  • w

  • Wall-mounted mixer tap

    Mixer tap for wall mounting.

  • 923c8

  • Washbasin

    Unit consisting of washbasin and furniture or counter top. It should have a minimum width of 60 cm and enough space on the side to install a pillar mixer tap.

  • b2d2f

  • Waste fitting

    Valve to conceal and regulate the opening for the flow of waste water in sanitaryware

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