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Pure Function combines three fitting styles to help you plan individual spaces optimally. All three combine trend-focused design and first-class brand quality with excellent value for money.

Pure Function highlights

For anyone
planning sophisticated bathroom concepts

KLUDI is your number one for modern yet accessible interior designs. In association with our specialist partners, we want to help you create timelessly beautiful bathrooms for private and commercial residential construction projects and in the hotel sector, while maximising profitability.

Outstanding quality
with good value for money

KLUDI Pure Function epitomises our aim to offer customers top quality, years of reliable service and long-term return on their investment. Modern design and premium quality do not have to be expensive.

Elegant, linear and convenient

Minimalism becomes a bathroom highlight with matt black with KLUDI-PURE&STYLE. Discover the popular KLUDI-PURE&STYLE series, which combines the highest design standards and functionality. Thanks to the balanced design language, the elegant fitting with matt black surface blends perfectly into style-conscious interior design styles and is still budget-friendly.

Do not miss

The elegant mixer with its matt black surface fits perfectly into style-conscious interior design styles and is also budget-friendly.

The bath solution - stylish like all KLUDI Pure&Style designs.

Minimalism becomes the highlight of the bathroom with matt black.

Aesthetic yet highly functional. Straight lines and gentle curves combined with a water-saving aerator.

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KLUDI Pure Function

Sebastian Biener – former KLUDI Sales Director for the German market – explains the impressive Pure Function concept.

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KLUDI Pure Function

Pure Function combines three fitting styles to help you plan individual spaces optimally.

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KLUDI Pure Function

Successful together – leverage the potential of Pure Function fittings for your business.

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Sustainability in practice

New packaging for the best-selling Pure Function series.

Simple. Sustainable. Plastic free.

The transition to
environmentally friendly packaging

This change is hard to miss. A new sustainable packaging concept has replaced our standard packaging for all three series in the range. Not only does the packaging look and feel good, it’s also certified. 

and recyclable

The new packaging box is made from FSC Mix-certified corrugated cardboard, which is known for its sturdiness. At least 85% of the cardboard is made from recycled waste paper and only a small amount of energy is required for its manufacture.

No more plastic bags

In line with our aspiration for plastic-free packaging, we are now using ecological bags. Although they look like plastic, they are actually made of renewable raw materials and are biodegradable. These new bags are made of cornstarch, which is obtained from the residual material leftover from food production, e.g., potato skins.

Water-based paints
and natural glue

To make the packaging easier to recycle and thus even more environmentally friendly, we have scaled back to use just a single-colour print process with water-based ink instead of environmentally harmful UV colour.

Sturdy inlays
for secure transportation

To ensure that everything in the box remains securely in place, each of our products has a special inlay system. A corrugated cardboard inlay provides stable support and ideal protection during transport.

Peek inside!

Have a look at our new Pure Function packaging and see for yourself. But don’t be fooled – what looks like a plastic bag is our biodegradable alternative made from potato skins!

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