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An experience that refreshes all of the senses and provides a moment of total relaxation – KLUDI shower heads and shower systems are miniature technical masterpieces designed to make shower dreams come true.

Neuheiten und Produkthighlights

Immerse yourself in inspiring shower worlds

Innovative spray types, surprising design ideas, tangible added value - the innovative KLUDI-DIVE shower range offers a unique all-round feel-good experience in the shower.

Perfect design – intuitive operation

The KLUDI-COCKPIT shower systems make showering a true experience for all the senses – perfect design, premium materials, intuitive and simple operation, technical refinement and genuine quality Made in Germany.

The series
A relaxing rain shower

KLUDI A-QA’s extra large rainfall shower delivers pure relaxation and combines an enticing monolithic design with sophisticated technology.

The series
The universal solution

KLUDI-LOGO gives you a solution for individual needs: Thanks to the all-rounder’s slimline silhouette blends subtly into the bathroom design, yet offers a surprisingly wide range of features. Quality and aesthetics that meet exacting standards.

The series
Exclusive design

Exclusive design that catches the eye: KLUDI-FIZZ offers an extraordinary design while also fulfilling individual ergonomic needs. One unique feature of this shower series is the original triangular shape of the hand and head shower.

The series
Soft-edge design

KLUDI-FRESHLINE has a flattering soft-edge look for greater freedom of design. With gentle curves and functional versatility, this line integrates subtly in every bathroom ambiance. Now you can enjoy the spa feeling at home!

The series
Dual shower system
KLUDI Shower systems

Whether you want to refresh yourself or relax, need something to wake you up or to clean up after a hard day’s work, KLUDI shower systems are the ideal way to enjoy a unique, personal experience every time you shower.

To shower systems

Shower features

Problem solver for small bathrooms,
low ceilings & pitched roofs

Solves problems in small bathrooms, or bathrooms with low ceilings and pitched roofs. The height of the shower head, which can be adjusted up to 30 cm, adapts to any ceiling height. KLUDI shower systems make it easy to use existing drill holes. Variable head showers allow installation in any bathroom, no matter how small. Discover the advantages of KLUDI-COCKPIT Explorer and KLUDI-A-QA.

Concealed fittings

In concealed fittings, the fitting bodies – their functional elements – are integrated in the wall. The controls are surface-mounted. If you install a KLUDI-FLEXX.BOXX, you can change the fitting’s features and look retrospectively. KLUDI offers flexibility.

To the product
No dripping
Hand shower emptying

No dripping, no trouble, better hygiene – with the patented KLUDI emptying feature. A small switch on the hand shower allows excess water remaining in the shower head to simply drain out after use.

Mini-aerators prevent
limescale build-up

Limescale problems are a thing of the past thanks to mini-aerators. All you have to do is simply wipe off the limescale with your finger. Included as standard in the KLUDI-FIZZ, KLUDI-A-QA, KLUDI-FRESHLINE & KLUDI-LOGO series.

Save water

The water-saving Eco models of our shower heads reduce water consumption by up to 40%! That conserves resources and also saves you money.

Service and warranty

In addition to the usual two-year warranty in Germany, we offer a KLUDI manufacturer's warranty of five years on all products. In addition, we guarantee the possibility of purchasing spare parts for up to 10 years. For further information, please contact our sales service.

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German Quality

Sturdy manufacturing and materials: we are committed to German quality. In line with this philosophy, we manufacture durable, high-quality products in our central European plants.

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