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The KLUDI brand, like hardly any other, stands for the highest level of competence in design and function when it comes to fittings for the kitchen. And for innovative functions that take on award-winning forms. The Kitchen Competence concept combines outstanding functions in a clear range to make things as easy as possible for you.
KLUDI focuses on functionality for kitchens.

The Kitchen Competence concept divides customer expectations into three categories:


Provides all the features you need for everyday use.


Provides advanced features by combining basic and additional features.


Provides a unique fully featured experience by combining basic and exclusive features.


Kitchen Competence – design lines


The design of our M-LINE fittings is as clear and harmonious as their features. The classic look of these fittings complements contemporary kitchens perfectly.

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Express your personal style in your kitchen: precise geometry, clear shapes, reduced to the essentials. Add architectural highlights with the L-LINE fittings.

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Our C-LINE fittings stand out with their clear, curved contour, offering expressive aesthetics, great comfort and sophisticated functionality.

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Kitchen features

The swivel spout

Is your kitchen sink too cramped? Choose a fitting you can adapt to the work you want to do in the kitchen. Fittings with a 360° swivel spout are also extremely useful on kitchen islands, not just in classic fitted kitchens.

Pull-out spout

A pull-out spout increases the spout range. The balanced counterweight ensures that the hose glides smoothly, reliably and neatly back into the spout after use.

Pull-out spray tap

An adjustable pull-out spray tap is extremely useful when washing pots and pans. A rocker switch lets you choose the function: the volume jet for filling or steeping, and the powerful spray jet to remove food waste and rinse surfaces.


The KLUDI Multi-connector enhances reliability and convenience. The small handle valve on the fitting base shuts off the water for the sink or washing machine in the kitchen. Just a quick turn and the water supply is shut off securely.

Window installation

A kitchen unit under a window instantly makes a kitchen more liveable. The KLUDI bayonet function lets you move the fitting out of the way to open the window. All you have to do is lift it up and lay it flat, so that the window opens freely.

Electronic fittings

KLUDI sensor technology is the key to turning on the water flow at a sink without touching anything. Hand movement in the sensor’s detection zone starts the water running. The electricity required is sourced from a conventional long-life battery or the 230 volt mains supply. Simple, convenient, impressive.

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Low pressure

Kitchens located far away from the central water heating system often have small boilers or energy-efficient compact flow heaters under the sink. A low-pressure fitting is necessary in cases like this.

Innovations & product highlights

Now with L-shaped spout

THE KLUDI-E-GO FAMILY IS GROWING – NEW ARRIVALS EXPECTED FROM JUNE 2022! Our KLUDI-E-GO electronic kitchen fitting is the perfect aid for your sink. Alongside the curving C-shaped spout, the fitting will soon be available with the new L-shaped spout. Every model is available as either battery-powered or with a mains power supply.

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Sensor at the sink
Distinctive deep matt black finish

The new deep matt black surface finish (66) is now available in the KLUDI range for the first time. This deep black colour makes the KLUDI-E-GO series with its C and L-shaped spouts the perfect choice for modern, minimalist architecture.

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The classic fitting with outstanding functionality

A modern, dynamic design with pioneering features – as unique as your kitchen.

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Modern geometry

The delicate and straightforward lines of KLUDI-M2 blend perfectly into modern kitchen settings, offering outstanding functionality and great convenience.

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Functional aesthetics

Express your personal style in your kitchen: Precision geometry, reduced to the essentials, combined with authentic materials. Add architectural highlights with the L-LINE fittings.

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Kitchen Competence - EASY-FIT Features

Quick and easy installation

The KLUDI-CLICK-IT® quick assembly system allows fittings with pull-out spouts to be installed in no time – no tools are necessary. The compact counterweight is easy to clip into place by hand.

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Tool-free hose connection

The new KLUDI-CLIP-IT® quick connector lets you install fittings with pull-out spouts in minutes. The hose and fitting simply clip into one another to form a precise and secure assembly – no tools are required.

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Making hose extensions a thing of the past

With extra-long, flexible connecting hoses, KLUDI-DO-IT® makes installation easy and eliminates the need for additional extensions. KLUDI gives you everything you need to deal with any installation situation.

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Quick and safe to install

We upgraded the shaft mount, making the shaft nut easy to screw on by hand. Three cap screws hold it securely in place.

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Long-life ceramic cartridge

With its award-winning cartridge technology, the KLUDI ceramic cartridge guarantees reliability and a long service life. We still want you to enjoy using your KLUDI bathroom or kitchen fitting years after you buy it.

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Our feature novelties KLUDI-CLICK-IT®, KLUDI-CLIP-IT® and KLUDI-DO-IT® as well as our new shaft fastening FIX-IT® noticeably minimise the installation effort.

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KLUDI Kitchen Competence

Kitchen Competence embodies our new, unique product range concept. Our goal: to make it easier than ever for you to choose the perfect kitchen fitting without leaving any equipment wishes unfulfilled.

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KLUDI Kitchen Competence

Since 1926, we at KLUDI have been focusing on the development and manufacture of quality fittings. Our aim is to make good products even better with innovative solutions. That starts with helping plumbers and designers as well as bathroom and kitchen specialists.

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