Kitchen Competence

A straightforward and very elegant fitting. Thanks to the height of the spout and the L-shaped design, the KLUDI L-INE is a stylistic design feature.

Innovations & Product highlights

in matt black

Minimalist. Perfect for kitchens with a purist look. Striking, straight lines thanks to the L-shaped spout. The elegant matt black contrasts effectively and shows off the fitting to its best advantage.

Laminar jet

Laminar jets are particularly soft and prevent the water from splashing when it lands in the washbasin. They are also considered very hygienic as no air is mixed with the water.

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Telescopic spout

The telescopic spout is fully extendable up to 70 cm and locks into position, making it easier to rinse tableware. Ideal for kitchen islands and large double sinks.

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Easy to clean

The smooth surfaces with no corners or recesses make KLUDI L-INE extremely easy to clean and give it a modern, elegant charm.

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The fine line and reduced design of KLUDI L-INE fits well into modern, minimalist kitchens.

KLUDI L-INE – now also available in black!

The elegant finishes and subtle design language harmonise with many different colours and materials.

The KLUDI L-INE single-lever mixer with an extendable telescopic spout is ideal for added flexibility at double sinks or free-standing kitchen islands.

Consistent linearity: As a design line, the L denotes the KLUDI L-INE series with its minimalist design.


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