Frequently Asked Questions

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The lotion has become dry and hardened in the pump due to a long period of non-use. Clean the lotion dispenser pump by placing it in warm water and then running water through it.


In pressure fittings, the cause may be a dirty aerator. It should be cleaned or exchanged. In washbasin fittings and low pressure fittings, the cause may also be a dirty flow limiter. This must also be cleaned.

Before assembling the mixer tap, please ensure that the S-connections to compensate for varying measurements are installed without tension and that the provided mounting dimensions are observed. Original seals must be used; damaged seals should be exchanged as necessary.

The activation of the cleaning mode is described in the installation instructions included with the product.

The cartridge is leaking. Exchanging the replacement part will solve the issue. Please note that individual seals in the cartridge cannot be exchanged. You can find the correct item number for the replacement part on the replacement parts list for the mixer tap.

Washbasin mixer taps in some series come standard with an s-pointer, an aerator adjustable by 8° in any direction. It can also be retrofitted for use with other taps with a M24x1 interior thread. The s-pointer is also available in a water-saving version with a flow rate of approx. 8 l/min.

The spout seals on the fittings are dirty or damaged. There are seal sets for single-lever mixers which include the correct new seals and fitting grease. Be sure that the seals aren’t lubricated too heavily.

Exchange the retracting sprayer. It is not possible for customers to repair this issue. Please see the replacement parts list for the mixer tap for the correct replacement part number for the retracting sprayer.

To ensure excess pressure is not created in the open water heater during the heating process, water drips out of the mixer tap. This has a physical cause and does not indicate a product defect that would require the exchange of the mixer tap or a warranty claim.

A short period of dripping after you use the mixer tap or shower has a physical cause, and does not indicate a product defect that would require the exchange of the tap or a warranty claim.

The seal or the plunger on the diverter is either dirty or requires lubrication. Both pieces should be cleaned – if necessary – and lubricated with silicone grease. The diverter may need to be completely replaced.

Purchasing KLUDI products

You can learn where to try out and experience KLUDI products in your region here.

You can purchase our products through both wholesalers and retail distributors. There are no direct sales through the factory. You can find retailer partners here.

You can download brochures on KLUDI products directly from our homepage, or request them using the order form.

You can purchase our products through both wholesalers and retailers. You can also receive pricing information from these distributors. You can find retailers in your area using our retailer search.

We guarantee the availability of replacement parts for ten years following the discontinuation of a product.

Shower heads, shower brackets, and shower sets

Not all bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling tile. For this reason, it is necessary in some cases to compensate for the thickness of the tile. In bathrooms without floor-to-ceiling tile, the tile shims can be used to compensate for the thickness of the tile. Discs can also be stacked if necessary.

KLUDI overhead and hand-held showers should be checked regularly for limescale. Limescale builds up mostly on and in the elastomer dimpling of the jet. KLUDI uses materials that hinder limescale deposit so that any build-up can be easily removed by simply wiping the showerhead with a sponge or cloth. We accept no liability for damage caused to our overhead and hand-held showers as a result of failure to follow these cleaning instructions.

The cause for low water flow may be a dirty screen seal. It is also possible that the shower itself has lime buildup. It is simple to clean the small jets while you shower by rubbing the palm of your hand across them. If the hand shower has serious lime buildup, you can disassemble it and place it in a container filled with a cleaning solution containing citric acid. Allow this cleaner some time to work into the shower head. Then clean it well under running water. The surfaces should be cleaned according to the cleaning instructions included with your products.

The hand shower should be easy to reach. You should be able to wash your hair while sitting down without having to hold the hand shower in your hand.

Clean the opening for the drenching stream. To do so, it is best to use a plastic scraper. Under running water, pull the scraper all the way through the opening for the drenching stream. Any loosened particles can be washed away at the same time.

A short period of dripping after you use the mixer tap or shower has a physical cause, and does not indicate a product defect that would require the exchange of the tap or a warranty claim.

The screen seal, which is packaged along with every hand shower, cannot be exchanged for a normal seal. Otherwise, dirt filtered out by the screen could be washed into the mechanism of the shower. This could damage the mechanisms and cause jets to stop up.

Shower systems

The top pipe to the head shower is adjustable both horizontally and vertically.

Find out more.

Guarantee and warranty

In order for us to honour our warranty conditions, the product must be professionally installed. Professional procedures are described in the service manual for exchanging replacement parts. We have collected further information on this topic in our warranty conditions.

Buyers are always entitled to make warranty claims to the seller for purchased products for a certain amount of time. Since KLUDI distributes its products to customers through wholesalers, professional dealers, and retailers, the customer’s first warranty claim is from the direct seller – the professional dealer or retailer – and not from the manufacturer. If you have a warranty claim, please turn to the point of sale for your product.

Since KLUDI distributes its products to customers through wholesalers, professional dealers, and retailers, the customer’s first warranty claim is from the direct seller – the professional dealer or retailer – and not from the manufacturer. If you have a complaint, please turn to the point of sale for your product.


Left warm, right cold, lower pipe to bathtub (KLUDI ROTEXA MULTI or tub inlet) top shower.

Left warm, right cold, top hand shower, lower head shower.


Both the top and bottom outflows can be used. The outflow which is not used should be closed with the included plug.

You should connect it according to the assembly instructions. Head shower at the bottom, and hand shower at the top. The hand shower can be connected at the bottom and the hand shower at the top, since the switching technology in the thermostatic mixer is different than that in a lever mixer. If, however, you do want to use a lever mixer again, this can cause problems.

No. The mixer tap is not designed for this installation system; it would malfunction after a short time.

The mixer tap is intrinsically protected against backflow through the use of a safety combination HD in accordance with DIN EN 1717. This norm requires the minimum height of 250 mm, which must be maintained.

The minimum installation depth is 80 mm from the rear of the mixer tap to the front edge of the tile.

There is a rosette available for installations that are too flat; it can compensate up to 20 mm.

Regularly 110 mm, max. up to 140 mm. If you are in the range between 110 and 140 mm, an extension must be installed.

You can install multiple extensions. But: we do not deliver screws that are long enough for this purpose. The sealing collar will not reach to the front edge, so a secure seal cannot be guaranteed. We do not recommend this type of installation, and will reject any potential claims for damages resulting from a lack of seal.

If the mixer tap has not yet been operated, it is very easy to recognise the difference. The older design already contains the functional unit (thermostat or intrinsically protected mixer), and an inscribed cover is used to cover the assembly. The current design has no functional unit, and the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX is empty. Four black pipes are mounted, coming out of the assembly cover and sealed with ½“ caps. If the mixer tap is already in operation, you can only recognise the difference if you disassemble the visible components and remove the functional unit. The older version of the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX has short pieces of pipe with seals to connect the functional unit and the platform. These pieces of pipe are pressed into the functional unit. In contrast to the older design, the platform of the current KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX is designed as a sealing surface and is ground flat. There are four O-rings on the bottom of the functional unit to create a seal.

No. Only the functional unit designed for the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX installed may be mounted.

Yes. Please speak with your installer. He can consult us directly to find out which products are necessary for the renovation.

Cleaning and care

Please see the cleaning instructions included with your products to learn how you can maintain the shine and function of KLUDI products in the long-term. Here are some general rules:Cleaners that contain hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleaching lye, or acetic acid should not be used, since these can cause serious damage. Abrasive detergents and devices, such as unsuitable scouring agents and sponges may not be used. You should clean products using the recommended detergent amounts and allow products to soak for a max. of 10 min. With spray cleaners, never spray the cleaning solution on the KLUDI product itself, but rather on a cleaning cloth. After cleaning, be sure to rinse products thoroughly with clear water (Cleaning instructions).

The plastic components of the shower are not designed for the high temperatures during the drying program in your dishwasher.


Dimensional and spare parts drawings can be found directly in the product area.

Thermostats and valves

There are several possible causes for sticking handles. For example, deposits on sealing surfaces could cause sticking. Please exchange the component.

It is likely that the push button is only covered in lime or that the spring is defective. Clean the push button and spring and lightly lubricate both. If necessary, you may need to exchange the components.

The working life of a thermostatic mixer can be extended by regularly turning the temperature control or selector lever the full temperature range from cold to hot. This should be done both with the water running and also “dry”, in other words, with the water switched off.

Regularly moving the temperature control handle across the entire temperature range will keep the regulator unit from failing due to lime buildup. Water must be flowing during this movement.


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