People, the environment, business

For us, sustainable business means finding the best balance of human, environmental and commercial considerations. We see this as a continuous process aimed at demonstrating social responsibility, reducing our environmental impact and growing sustainably.

Sustainability – our principles

Our environmental policy
Goals and activities

" We reassess our goals for environmental and climate protection, as well as for resource efficiency, every year. Our comprehensive management system, implemented under the watchful eye of our environmental officer, provides the strategic and organisational foundation for this. In line with our definition of sustainability, everyone across all departments at KLUDI works hard to achieve these goals. "

reuse and recycle

We are committed to the ‘Three Rs’. Specifically, this means that we want to avoid adding to environmental pollution wherever possible. Where this is technically impossible, however, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint. Reusing and recycling raw materials, as well as efficiently using resources, materials and energy is standard practice for us in our manufacturing processes.

is our priority

We take our responsibility for the safety of our employees and people living near our production facilities very seriously. As a result, our plants – especially in environmentally-sensitive areas like our electroplating department – have been adhering to strict safety standards for years. Internal specialists and external experts audit compliance on a regular basis.

0 % plastic
Bio-based packaging

Our cardboard boxes have been made from recycled paper for some time now. All new products introduced since 2019 come in 100% plastic-free packaging. Instead of plastics, we use bio-based materials derived from renewable raw materials such as cornstarch. This material has a major advantage for the environment, being fully biodegradable and compostable. We are gradually transitioning all of our packaging to 0% plastic.

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Sustainability – part of our quality promise

Durable fittings

The lifespan of a product has a major impact on its environmental footprint. That is why we focus on ensuring that our fittings offer outstanding quality, design, functionality and reliability, as these factors influence their durability. We also experiment with new materials: for example, we are trialling an extremely robust and 100% recyclable aluminium alloy.

Resource efficiency

We believe that ‘Water in Perfection’ means treating water as the precious resource that it is. Our products feature special technologies that do just that, for example the Eco s-pointer aerator, which reduces the flow rate to 6 l/min without any adverse effect on comfort. Another example is the sensor technology in our electronic fittings, which only turns on the water flow when it is really needed. 

Energy conservation

By the way, sustainable water use affects more than just the water bill. A lower flow rate generally means less hot water, so less heating energy is used, too. Our thermostats, sensor fittings and the KLUDI EcoPlus feature further enhance the energy efficiency of our products.

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