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KLUDI MX shows its true colours in the kitchen

Menden, 2014 – It is a well-known fact that presentation is vital. That’s why on occasion you can opt for a little more than the usual monochrome fittings in the kitchen or at the sink. KLUDI has given its classic mixer tap a fresh interpretation, which will appeal to all those with a liking for colour. The KLUDI MX kitchen mixer tap combines ergonomic features with clean lines and now, in addition to the chrome version, it also gleams in two totally eye-catching versions for the kitchen: in white/chrome and in mocha/chrome. With their characteristic, subtle chrome highlights, the two newcomers appear totally modern and will fit in with a wide variety of different kitchen designs – from the purist designer kitchen through to a cosy combined kitchen and living room.

Modern combinations of colours with tangible quality
In kitchens, work is done, there are plenty of people helping out, several times a day – at the sink, too. Then the mixer tap body needs to withstand quite a lot, especially if it’s cleaned regularly. This is why KLUDI has set great store by the durability of the coating. Whether in white or mocha – the colour is guaranteed to last, as the mixer tap components are coated with premium PUR powder. PUR, or polyurethane, is a plastic/synthetic resin and demonstrates very high resistance to solvents and chemicals – a very important property in the kitchen. Taken as a whole, KLUDI MX is equally stylish and robust in appearance. 
You rarely get to hold your whole kitchen tap in your hand before you come to use it for the first time, as it is usually installed by a specialist tradesman. However, if you do, you will immediately feel whether the mixer tap body has been manufactured to high standards. Its solidness is a sign of high quality and durability. This is what sets KLUDI MX apart. If you can’t feel something, you need to have seen it: the stylish, exacting design of the kitchen mixer tap. It is as timeless and long-lasting as the quality of KLUDI MX.

A variety of models to suit every situation
KLUDI MX is also available in different versions and with different connectors for the new models in white/chrome or mocha/chrome. The mixer tap is available as a classic single-lever sink mixer and, alternatively, as a single-lever sink mixer with rinser spray. The retractable rinser spray is switched over from jet to spray mode using a rocker switch. Use the switch again to return to jet mode. You can switch modes while the water is running. Both versions, with or without rinser spray, can also be fitted with a multi-connector upon request. KLUDI was the first manufacturer of kitchen mixer taps to develop this practical solution. The multi-connector provides additional connection points for washing machine and dishwasher and dispenses with inconvenient pipe branches. The water flow is turned on and off using a separate valve within the tap to ensure greater safety. 

KLUDI MX | Recommended retail price (incl. VAT):

KLUDI MX single-lever sink mixer, chrome: approx. 318.00 euros

KLUDI MX multi single-lever sink mixer, chrome: approx. 462.00 euros

KLUDI MX single-lever sink mixer with swivelling spout, chrome: approx. 500.00 euros

KLUDI MX multi single-lever sink mixer with swivelling spout, chrome: approx. 665.00 euros

KLUDI MX single-lever sink mixer, white/chrome or mocha/chrome: approx. 418.00 euros

KLUDI MX multi single-lever sink mixer, white/chrome or mocha/chrome: approx. 544.00 euros

KLUDI MX multi single-lever sink mixer with swivelling spout, white/chrome or mocha/chrome: approx. 593.00 euros

KLUDI MX multi single-lever sink mixer with swivelling spout, white/chrome or mocha/chrome: approx. 729.00 euros

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KLUDI is a German specialist for bathroom and kitchen mixer taps, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions. Since 1926, this family business from the Westphalian town of Menden has been shaping the development of the industry with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchen and bathroom. Many features that are characteristic of modern mixers and showers were, and still are, designed in Menden. For instance, KLUDI attested to its pioneering work with the invention of the multi-battery, which enables additional connections for a washing machine and dishwasher. Further evidence of the innovative strength of the company is the development of the bayonet coupling for all fittings near the window and the world's first hybrid, electronically and manually operated kitchen mixer tap KLUDI-EGO. Over 1,000 people are employed at KLUDI, ensuring that design and technology from Germany results in products that meet the high standards of customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. KLUDI achieves over 50 per cent of overall turnover abroad. This is why KLUDI maintains twelve international sales organisations, as well as three European factories and two outside Europe, in addition to its headquarters in Menden.

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