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Inspired by water pumps of bygone times and featuring a new improved shape, KLUDI BOZZ embodies the essence of all fittings.

Innovations & Product highlights

Also available in matt black

The trendy dark colour creates sophisticated highlights especially by contrasting it against glossy white ceramics. Give the bathroom an entirely personal touch!

In 75, 100 & 240 mm

Fittings with three different spout heights provide the ideal solution, wherever the washbasin is installed.

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Total control
thanks to the integrated s-Pointer

A single push with your finger is enough to point the water jet in the right direction.

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High-grade materials
Premium finish

The body of the KLUDI BOZZ fitting is cast in one piece, giving it a particularly premium finish.

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An archetypal fitting
Purism at its most authentic

The concealed wall-mounted KLUDI BOZZ fitting also boasts a no-frills design.

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Reduced to the essentials

The impressive design of BOZZ combines an uncompromising linearity with intentionally simple elegance.

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with PUSH & SWITCH diverter

Innovative water changeover! The new PUSH & SWITCH function offers comfortable and velvety smooth changeover at the touch of a button - in the shower or at the bath.


Less is more: the fittings for bath and shower impress with their slim, no-frills design.

Inspired by the water pump of past centuries and formally developed further, KLUDI BOZZ embodies the archetype of all fittings.

No room for superfluous things - the exact lines and the strictly geometric design language make up the uncomplicated aesthetics of purism.

Also for bath and shower: variants in purist minimalist design language.

BOZZ now also available in matt black - the dark trend colour can be used to create sophisticated accents, especially in contrast to the glossy white of the ceramics.

The body of the KLUDI BOZZ mixer is made of a single piece of cast iron and therefore has a particularly high-quality finish.

Black is beautiful!

The harmonious interplay of the cylindrical forms shapes the silhouette.

The design convinces with its uncompromising straight lines and its deliberately simple elegance.

The revised BOZZ spout fits perfectly into clearly designed, modern bathroom architecture.

The successful design classic BOZZ now also available in matt black as standard.

Modern minimalism: BOZZ impresses with precise lines and clear geometries at the washbasin, bathtub and shower.

KLUDI BOZZ looks even more elegant thanks to the optimised distance between the handle and the body. The harmonious interplay of the cylindrical shapes shapes the silhouette.

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Product video BOZZ: „Form follows Function“.

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The design of the BOZZ convinces with its uncompromising straight lines and simple elegance.

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Discover the matching series for the interior styles: Contemporary, Modern Classic, Puristic and Avantgarde.

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