Simply switch with the PUSH & SWITCH function


does away

pull-up diverter!

The world has never seen anything like it...

At KLUDI we are the first and currently only producer to do away with the awkward and often stiff pull-up diverter. With KLUDI PUSH & SWITCH!

Innovations in concealed fittings

Simply switch

We are doing away with the awkward and often stiff pull-up diverter and replacing it with a unique solution: KLUDI PUSH & SWITCH. A simple touch of this easy-to-operate button is all it takes to switch the water outlet. This innovation offers real value, as it makes people’s lives significantly easier and more pleasant.

Rethinking water diversion

In future, our systems for switching between water outlets will use advanced “Made in Germany” valve technology that functions in a purely mechanical and hydraulic manner. The benefits of KLUDI PUSH & SWITCH:

  • Functions reliably regardless of water pressure
  • Cannot unintentionally switched back to the previous setting
  • No diverter wear, even after years of use
  • Button cannot become stuck in the cover plate



Advanced valve technology

The new valve technology offers convenient and smooth diversion, no matter what the water pressure is. It operates mechanically and hydraulically. The valve is easy for the installer to fit, as well as dismantle if it has to be replaced. KLUDI PUSH valves are easy to replace in the functional unit used. The valves are available as replacement parts (7691900-00).

Innovation has never been so simple

Maximum convenience with intuitive,
easy-to-operate controls for all users

Regardless of age or physical fitness, it has never been so easy or convenient to switch between shower and bath using a single-lever mixer. Instead of relying on force to pull or twist, all you need to do is simply push a button.

Easy-to-reach diverter

Hard-to-find pull-up diverters are a thing of the past! Until now, pull-up diverters were generally difficult to access under the lever. KLUDI PUSH & SWITCH offers an intuitive alternative. The diverter is now easy to access, and all it takes to operate it is a silky smooth push of a button.

One wipe and it’s clean

The flush-mounted push-buttons make the trim set easy to wipe down and clean. There are no more nooks and crannies that you can’t reach with a cloth.

As good as new
even after years of use

While most diverter systems work using spring that can wear out after several years of intense use, our PUSH & SWITCH button-based diverter system uses no springs at all. Instead, the concealed fittings will in future use innovative, “Made in Germany” valve technology. The mechanical and hydraulic mechanism can be effortlessly operated and ensures reliable operation even after years of use.

KLUDI PUSH & SWITCH – converter for bath or shower

The innovative diverter valve

Basic pull-up diverters are a thing of the past! The new PUSH & SWITCH function offers convenient, smooth switching at the push of a button – in showers or baths.

Two designs

KLUDI PUSH & SWITCH trim sets are available in two attractive designs, a timeless, modern version with a round wall cover, and another version in a trendy soft-edge look. Thanks to the flat button, the bath set is much easier to care for and operate regardless of the water pressure. Sets with backflow prevention are also available!

Automatic diversion

The water outlet can be switched with a gentle push of the button. When the lever is closed, the button protrudes minimally from the wall panel. After the button is pressed, it juts out a little, making it easier to find by touch. As soon as the water stops flowing, the valve automatically returns to its original position.

No labour-intensive piping required

NEW: The head shower is easy to install to the upper outlet of the FLEXX.BOXX. No labour-intensive piping work is needed. Important: When the water supply valve is opened, the lower water outlet is always supplied first. In this example, this is the hand shower. When you press the diverter button, water flows from the upper outlet (in this example, the head shower). If you want the water to flow from the lower outlet again, you will need to turn off the tap.

New PUSH & SWITCH single lever diverter also available in these series

Simple installation with FLEXX.BOXX

Our FLEXX.BOXX concealed installation box is an essential supplement to the KLUDI PUSH. It is installed behind the wall and permits rapid and simple installation of the PUSH trim sets, even with multiple water outlets. The KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX is compatible with all PUSH trim sets.


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