Sensor fittings

for bathrooms and kitchens

Cleanliness, hygiene and comfort – KLUDI’s electronic fittings are in a league of their own. Whether in private, public or semi-public sanitary facilities – contact-free operation is an increasingly interesting option.
Sensor fittings
for bathrooms and kitchens

Electronic fittings on washbasins and sinks have been designed with sophisticated sensor technology and innovative features. They bring specific benefits: economical use of energy and drinking water, sturdiness combined with simple and reliable operation – not to mention the innovative design make this fittings class stand out.

Product highlights for the kitchen

The premium solution for kitchens: sensor-based and manual activation

If the water is activated contact-free via the activation zone five centimetres in front of the fitting base, this switches on the working zone 20 centimetres in front of the fitting. Water continues to flow as long as an object or movement is detected in this zone. It switches off after three seconds and can be reactivated using the activation zone.

The series
Now with L-shaped spout

THE E-GO FAMILY IS GROWING – NEW ARRIVALS EXPECTED FROM JUNE 2022! Our E-GO electronic kitchen fitting is the perfect aid for your sink. Alongside the curving C-shaped spout, the fitting will soon be available with the new L-shaped spout. Every model is available as either battery-powered or with a mains power supply.

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Sensor at the sink
Distinctive deep matt black finish

The new deep matt black surface finish (66) is now available in the KLUDI range for the first time. This deep black colour makes the E-GO series with its C and L-shaped spouts the perfect choice for modern, minimalist architecture.

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Product highlights for bathroom

Safe all-round

The electronic range for all requirements: After installation, the sensor automatically calibrates itself for the washbasin’s location. A configurable hygienic flush every 24 hours prevents water stagnation. The length of time the water flows after the last sensor signal can be configured between 0.1 and 5 seconds. The new WHITE version is now available – with a white finish.

The series
KLUDI ZENTA SL E concealed
For premium washbasins

The soft-edge wall modules conceal reliable technology. Short or long spouts guide the water to its destination. The temperature can be preset on installation. The sensor panel is located under the spout and has a range of up to 30 centimetres – ideal for safe, contact-free operation.

The series
The electronic model for bathrooms

The electronic ZENTA SL E fitting offers state-of-the-art technology with a very compact footprint. The sensor, with a range preset to 120 mm, is in the fitting base. The battery and power supply unit are separate, in an easily accessible position under the washstand.

The series

KLUDI sensor fitting features


An electronic fitting detects your movement and triggers the water jet. The temperature is preset via a mixing shaft.


Electronic fittings for washbasins and kitchen sinks can increase hygiene and improve protection against infection. As they can be operated entirely contact-free, this also reduces the risk of transmitting viruses and germs.

Save water

The electronically controlled KLUDI fittings reduce the flow volume. For example, the flow of the KLUDI ZENTA SL E models is an economical 4.8 litres per minute. This ensures sustainable resource use, while also saving money.

Hygienic flushing

For drinking water safety reasons, all of KLUDI’s electronic fittings include an automatic hygienic flushing feature, eliminating microbiological impurities caused by standing water.

Hybrid kitchen fitting

In kitchens, fittings can be operated both by sensor and manually.

The series
Tailor-made configurations

KLUDI’s sensor fittings are available in various models: as a cold water pillar tap with the cold water tap function or with a mixer function for temperature-controlled water. The water temperature can be set using a temperature selector lever. Optionally, the temperature can also be set without a selector lever – as a one-off preset.

Battery or mains power
The choice is yours

Depending on the model, the electronic mixers are powered either by an integrated battery or from the mains via the corresponding power supply unit. When retrofitting a sensor mixer, we recommend using the battery-powered model to minimise the renovation work needed.


The wide range of concealed KLUDI ZENTA washbasin fittings leaves nothing to be desired.

The organic, reduced look of KLUDI BALANCE has earned it many design awards.

Intelligent sensor control in the kitchen.

Even when your hands are full – KLUDI E-GO can be used both contact-free and manually thanks to the hybrid technology.


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