Shower Dreams


Exclusive design that catches the eye: KLUDI FIZZ offers an extraordinary design while also fulfilling individual ergonomic needs. One unique feature of this shower series is the original triangular shape of the hand and head shower.

Innovations & product highlights

Individual with two or three head showers

Double or triple your indulgence. These head showers can be adapted flexibly to your personal preferences. The head shower is ball-bearing mounted, so the water jet angle can be adjusted freely.

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Timeless in white

A triangular white shower head is a striking highlight in an unconventional bathroom design.


Break the mould! Choose an original triangular shape instead of a round or rectangular hand shower.

The hand shower jet is infinitely adjustable and provides refreshment and new energy with a broad rain shower.

The KLUDI FIZZ 3S hand shower with ergonomic jet adjustment is a prime example of state-of-the-art technology.

The elegance and power of a fan.

Unique, soft and flowing – the fan shape of the KLUDI FIZZ.

The unusual design generates a jet that retains its power.

The combination of chrome elements with the high-gloss white shower head plate creates a strong design highlight.

Fresh, clean, clear – KLUDI FIZZ.


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