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FLEXX.BOXX concealed solution


The ideal concealed unit for any application – from thermostats and single lever mixers to intrinsic safety. You can even wait until the last minute to choose the most suitable KLUDI fitting. The integrated test and flushing block saves valuable time during installation.
One concealed box for all applications
Completely compatible

One of the flexibility benefits of the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX is that you can replace the functional unit and precision installation set at any time, even after installation - without dirt and time-consuming chisel work. Find the right FLEXX.BOXX functional unit to go with your fine installation set here.

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Maxximum flexibility


It couldn’t be any more flexible in use, serving as a universal concealed unit for any application. If you prefer, you can wait until the last minute to choose the most suitable KLUDI fitting for your needs, because the functional unit is fully assembled with the selected trim set on delivery.

The concealed unit includes an integrated test and flushing block, saving valuable time during installation. In addition, the integrated flushing set allows more water to flow, resulting in a faster, more thorough flush. It makes flushing the domestic pipelines even easier and enables reliable leak tightness tests in accordance with DIN 1988.



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Maxximum flushing convenience

The KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX is watertight and ready to install on delivery. The plumbing and connection to the unit can be checked for leaks immediately after installation. The FLEXX.BOXX features an integrated test and flushing block for easy flushing of domestic pipelines in line with DIN 1988/EN 1717.

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Maxximum structural protection

During the entire construction phase the cover stays on the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX. This means that no dirt can get into the unit and the seal faces inside are protected from damage. The original KLUDI seal is a visible sign of this construction protection.

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Maxximum watertightness

The watertight elastomer cover acts as an intelligent sealing system that surrounds the water routing components. Any condensation that forms within the FLEXX.BOXX is dissipated to the surface of the tiles. The set also includes a sealing collar providing lasting protection against surge water ingress.

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Maxximum adaptability

The flexible elastomer cover is just one of the proven FLEXX.BOXX features. The ring-shaped central fold adapts easily to every type of wall, allowing concealed or surface-mounted installation on uneven surfaces.

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Maxximum compatibility


Thanks to the universal fasteners, the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX can be installed as a classic concealed unit, surface-mounted or fitted outside the wall. It can also be used in prefabricated housing and wet rooms.

For showers in particular, the large connections allow versatile combinations of head, hand and side showers.



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Maxximum sound insulation

None of the water-bearing elements are in direct contact with walls. They are entirely cased in an elastomer cover, which absorbs the sound of running water so that this noise isn't transferred to the wall. In other words, FLEXX.BOXX complies with all DIN 4109 standards relating to sound insulation in buildings.

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Maxximum convertability

The benefits of the versatile KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX include the possibility to retrofit the functional part and trim at any time, even after installation – without any mess or time-consuming structural renovation.

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Tried and tested expertise - KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX complies with norms and guidelines:

DIN 4109


DIN 1988


DIN 18195


DIN EN 1717


Flexible wall installation

Installation on uneven surfaces possible

Intelligent seal system

Protection from condensation and splashwater

Single unit

Elastomere coating and water-bearing parts form a single unit

Sound insulation

The noise of flowing water is not carried through the wall

Installation depth

Arrows marked on the Elastomere coating show the optimum installation depth of 80 to 110 mm

Maxximum ease of installation

Maxximum ease of installation Simple. Quick. Safe.

Wall installation 1. Align and srew in

Wall installation 2. Connect up

Wall installation 3. Trim and affix seal

Wall installation 4. Tile

Wall installation 5. Flush in accordance with DIN 1988 using integrated flushing set

Wall installation 6. Trim to size – the inside of the box remains protected from dirt during the entire construction phase

Final installation 7. Remove assembly pipe

Final installation 8. Simply lift out flushing set

Final installation 9. Install unit

Final installation 10. Install trim set

Final installation 11. Affix rosette attached

Final installation 12. Ready

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FLEXX BOXX - product video

The ideal concealed unit for all applications – from thermostats and single lever mixers to intrinsic safety.

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FLEXX.BOXX - brochure

Our brochures keep you up to date at all times. Why not check out the KLUDI FLEXX.BOXX brochure?

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Do you have any questions about using the FLEXX.BOXX? You may find the answers in our Frequently Asked Questions.


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