basin mixer DN 15

basin mixer DN 15
Additional Information
  • Sku: 5101045G4
  • KLUDI 1926
  • basin mixer DN 15
  • crystal handles
  • "Made with Swarowski® Elements"
  • single hole mounted
  • flow rate 13,5 l/min at 3 bar
  • cascade aerator M 24 x 1
  • ceramic headpart 180°
  • pop-up waste G 1 1/4
  • copper tubes 10 mm


KLUDI has been honoured with well over 20 international design prizes in past years. We are especially proud of the Plus X Award “Most innovative Brand”. The award “Most Innovative Brand of the Year 2015” is the highest one given out in the Plus X Awards, honouring a company’s innovative capabilities.

Awards & honours

The fascination of luxury

KLUDI 1926

Superior details and a gold alloy 23 carat that enhance the refined finish are what make KLUDI 1926 so prized. Richly ornamented and skilfully crafted, this splendid range keeps the turn-of-the-century charm. Nostalgic flair is combined with modern fitting technology.

KLUDI 1926