1S shower set

1S shower set
Additional Information
  • Sku: 6614005-00
  • KLUDI A-QA i
  • shower set 1S
  • L = 900 mm
  • wall rail
  • right and left swiveling
  • horizontal and vertical adjustable slider
  • KLUDI A-QA i 1S hand shower DN 15
  • Suparaflex shower hose anti twist
  • G 1/2 x G 1/2 x 1600 mm
  • with conical nuts
  • noise level I
  • P-IX 19052/IB


KLUDI has been honoured with well over 20 international design prizes in past years. We are especially proud of the Plus X Award “Most innovative Brand”. The award “Most Innovative Brand of the Year 2015” is the highest one given out in the Plus X Awards, honouring a company’s innovative capabilities.

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