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The KLUDI COCKPIT Explorer offers optimum showering pleasure for young and old, in small and large bathrooms, whether you are building new or renovating.

Experience the exceptional ease of use of the KLUDI COCKPIT Explorer and get to know its sophisticated functions - see for yourself the numerous advantages of this shower system.



KLUDI COCKPIT Explorer prioritises ease of use.

The operation is reduced to two prominent controls on the front of the fitting that lets users set the water volume and temperature of the head and hand shower simply by turning them – it is intuitive, convenient and effortless. Both controls are inclined to the rear, keeping them within the user’s sight and reach. This makes it – as demonstrated by ergonomic tests – even easier to use. The feel and design also ensures reliable and precise handling.

Individual shower experience for all of your senses: The large head shower does not just swivel freely, but is also height-adjustable.

That allows it to be optimally configured for every ceiling height. An integrated ball joint also lets the angle of the spray head to be individually adjusted.

The KLUDI COCKPIT Explorer combines optimised ergonomics with a new, attractive design.

Completely safe to touch: Thanks to the ‘Touch Proof’ technology, the complete thermal decoupling of the control unit ensures optimal protection against scalding.

Reliable performance

A pressure equaliser ensures constant water pressure at all times, providing lasting protection against damage to the head shower – even when the nozzles are blocked.

Perfectly designed

The KLUDI engineers have designed the insides of the head shower in a way that stops water from running continuously after you finish your shower.

Another bonus

The height of the wall mount can be adjusted by up to 18 cm, so that the HVAC technician can easily use existing holes to fit the COCKPIT Explorer.

Just as you want and need

The height of the hand shower can also be changed to match the respective user preferences.

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