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BINGO STAR from Kludi with a new look & feel

In the kitchen and in the bathroom, the BINGO STAR range from Kludi continues to impress with its clean and classic design, appealing to many customers without polarising opinion. Its design is striking, its technical components tried and tested. The high, dynamic spout and the side operation makes this tap extremely practical and convenient to use. 

KLUDI has now given this series a careful contemporary facelift, making it appear even finer and more modern. The typical overall impression of this classic tap has been preserved while at the same time it has been updated to fit in with the softer lines found in the kitchen and bathroom. The rosette and handle have all been given a softer form. The slightly altered lines make the new tap seem smoother; it feels pleasant to the touch and is very easy on the eye. The gentle curves also have a practical use, as the water flows well for easy cleaning. Sometimes it is just a few subtle nuances that - when introduced in the right place - make the entire appearance of a tap even finer and more discreet. The new KLUDI BINGO STAR remains a timeless classic, while also being "state of the art". 

The popular BINGO STAR series adds life to the kitchen and is particularly family-friendly. With 11 different models, including those for non-pressure storage tanks, with connections for dishwashers or bayonet single lever mixers for installation below windows, BINGO STAR offers a range of kitchen taps in a superb design for a wide range of uses and applications. 

Recommended retail prices: 
KLUDI BINGO STAR kitchen taps: from approx. 293.00 Euros
KLUDI BINGO STAR single lever basin mixer: from approx. 242.00 Euros 

Kitchen retailers, bathroom retailers and other specialist retailers

KLUDI is a German specialist for bathroom and kitchen mixer taps, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions. Since 1926, this family business from the Westphalian town of Menden has been shaping the development of the industry with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchen and bathroom. Many features that are characteristic of modern mixers and showers were, and still are, designed in Menden. For instance, KLUDI attested to its pioneering work with the invention of the multi-battery, which enables additional connections for a washing machine and dishwasher. Further evidence of the innovative strength of the company is the development of the bayonet coupling for all fittings near the window and the world's first hybrid, electronically and manually operated kitchen mixer tap KLUDI-EGO. Over 1,000 people are employed at KLUDI, ensuring that design and technology from Germany results in products that meet the high standards of customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. KLUDI achieves over 50 per cent of overall turnover abroad. This is why KLUDI maintains twelve international sales organisations, as well as three European factories and two outside Europe, in addition to its headquarters in Menden.

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