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KLUDI OBJEKTA – classic and contemporary in form and function.

Menden, February 2015 – It has already made its way into many kitchens as KLUDI OBJEKTA MIX NEW and has impressed with its clear clean lines and reliable operation. KLUDI OBJEKTA MIX NEW will now become KLUDI OBJEKTA. It arrives on the scene with a modern design and an expanded range that will help to master any challenges you may face in the kitchen.

Flexible and adaptable

One kitchen is rarely like the next. Diverse interior styles are as individual as the people who cook, eat, celebrate and enjoy life in their kitchens. Whether classic or modern furnishings, purist or opulent interiors, spacious or small rooms, the KLUDI OBJEKTA kitchen mixer tap will suit every kitchen. It fits even better than before, because KLUDI has expanded the line with mixer taps suitable for mounting close to windows and that have a multi-connector. However this line hasn’t just had an addition; its design has also been given a refreshing modern look.

Linear, soft design

The KLUDI OBJEKTA kitchen mixer tap has adopted the trend towards soft shapes with its new appearance, yet it has retained its distinct, fundamental architectural geometry. The successful combination of sleek lines and soft contours, slight arching on the lever and spout, suggests that KLUDI OBJEKTA will also be appearing in many a kitchen. It doesn’t polarise, doesn’t thrust itself into the foreground, but is pleasantly understated, thus harmonising with every style of kitchen design. Apart from appearance, practical aspects also play a significant role. In daily use, the kitchen mixer tap proves itself to be durable and reliable. Thanks to its contours and surface structure, it is even easier to clean than its predecessor because the water can effortlessly run off the mixer tap. Not only can home kitchens be fitted in style with KLUDI OBJEKTA but also small or large-scale commercial offices and residential properties. Its attractive price-quality ratio also plays a role in this.

Fittings and functions

The KLUDI OBJEKTA line has been expanded to a total of nine types of mixer tap. As usual, the line includes single-lever mixers, which can be mounted on the sink unit and are fitted with or without a rinser spray. The rinser spray has a rocker switch, which has been incorporated into the new, contemporary design and can be switched from volume jet to spray mode while the water is still running. Extra convenience is also provided by the spout with 360° swivel motion, increasing the radius for working at the sink. There are two versions available for wall-mounting, with a 117 mm or 182 mm swivelling spout, which can also be locked in position.

New additions are the models with a multi-connector or bayonet fitting. A combination of both has also been included in the new range. Thanks to the bayonet fitting, it is now possible to install KLUDI OBJEKTA in the immediate vicinity of a window. When you want to open the window, you can remove the mixer tap from the base and place it on its side with just one hand. The model with the multi-connector also has a further connection for the dishwasher or washing machine. This means you have no need of complicated branches in the feed pipe. Water inflow and shut-off are controlled by a separate valve – both convenient and safe. What is more, the single-lever sink mixer with multi-connector is available as a low-pressure version for under-counter boilers – just like the conventional single-lever sink mixer.

KLUDI is a German specialist for bathroom and kitchen mixer taps, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions. Since 1926, this family business from the Westphalian town of Menden has been shaping the development of the industry with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchen and bathroom. Many features that are characteristic of modern mixers and showers were, and still are, designed in Menden. For instance, KLUDI attested to its pioneering work with the invention of the multi-battery, which enables additional connections for a washing machine and dishwasher. Further evidence of the innovative strength of the company is the development of the bayonet coupling for all fittings near the window and the world's first hybrid, electronically and manually operated kitchen mixer tap KLUDI-EGO. Over 1,000 people are employed at KLUDI, ensuring that design and technology from Germany results in products that meet the high standards of customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. KLUDI achieves over 50 per cent of overall turnover abroad. This is why KLUDI maintains twelve international sales organisations, as well as three European factories and two outside Europe, in addition to its headquarters in Menden.

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