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KLUDI PUSH: Operation of shower and bathtub at the push of a button

There are many situations and circumstances in which it would be helpful if, when showering or bathing, the flow of water could be started and stopped by pressing a button. For example, if your face and eyes are full of foam, when small children want to shower alone, when people feel less confident about operating because of their age or disability, or simply if a bit more comfort in the bathroom is desired.

For these cases, Kludi, the fittings specialist from Menden, now offers the ideal solution: Using Kludi Push, the overhead or hand shower, side jets or bath taps can be switched on or off at the simple push of a button. The mechanical push buttons work in principle like a ballpoint pen; they are slightly raised and gently and audibly snap when operated, but do not retract. This means that they can be operated safely and quickly even without looking. The customer can decide during installation how the buttons are allocated. An intuitive allocation is also offered, such as above for the shower head and below for the hand shower or body jets. Appropriate symbols on the buttons show the respective function. Up to two outlets can be connected to Kludi Push, which can be switched on and used either separately or together.

Convenient features and quality design

When the user wants instant, pleasantly warm water, the water temperature is pre-selected on the narrow, cylindrical thermostat handle of Kludi Push. For additional protection from scalding, there is a hot water lock at 38°C. The lock button is ergonomically designed as a rocker switch that can be operated with one hand if higher temperatures are required. Easy operation of all functions is a priority to guarantee a relaxing shower experience.

The high-quality design of Kludi Push demonstrates that this is a reliable, mechanical product that does not use electricity. Two design options are offered: the elegant rosettes and buttons are either round or rectangular in a soft-edge design and finished in chrome, as is the thermostat handle. A small but significant detail: the thermostat handle has a non-rising stem, which means that during operation it does not rotate any further from the wall – this shows tangible quality that enhances the calibre of this easy-to-clean solution.

Simple and flexible installation

Kludi Push is an attractive solution not only in new buildings: as the practical operating concept builds upon Flexx.Boxx, the tried-and-tested concealed installation kit by Kludi, it can also be easily retrofitted wherever the Flexx.Boxx is already installed. The mixer tap with a function unit made of high quality cast brass demonstrates high-quality German workmanship and impresses in terms of its durability and excellent value.

Clever accessories: Eco-hoses

A well-matched partner for Kludi Push is the new eco-hose by Kludi. The smooth and shiny silver-coloured hose is available in lengths of 125 and 160 cm and has a unique feature: with its eco-function, the amount of water supplying the hand shower can be progressively controlled between two and 20 litres. This allows all users to adjust the strength of the water jet to meet their individual preferences. The double turning resistance and easy cleaning of the tube is particularly user-friendly. 

KLUDI is a German specialist for bathroom and kitchen mixer taps, showers, bathroom accessories and complete bathroom solutions. Since 1926, this family business from the Westphalian town of Menden has been shaping the development of the industry with revolutionary ideas and practical products for kitchen and bathroom. Many features that are characteristic of modern mixers and showers were, and still are, designed in Menden. For instance, KLUDI attested to its pioneering work with the invention of the multi-battery, which enables additional connections for a washing machine and dishwasher. Further evidence of the innovative strength of the company is the development of the bayonet coupling for all fittings near the window and the world's first hybrid, electronically and manually operated kitchen mixer tap KLUDI-EGO. Over 1,000 people are employed at KLUDI, ensuring that design and technology from Germany results in products that meet the high standards of customers in over 100 countries throughout the world. KLUDI achieves over 50 per cent of overall turnover abroad. This is why KLUDI maintains twelve international sales organisations, as well as three European factories and two outside Europe, in addition to its headquarters in Menden.

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