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Concealed thermostats

Leaving no one in the cold ...

With a thermostat fitting from our wide range of KLUDI concealed products, users can precisely set their ideal temperature quickly and easily.

Reliable, convenient and attractive

Concealed thermostat fittings
in elegant matt black

Do you follow interior design trends and try to implement them in your own home? If you’re looking for a stylish alternative to the usual chrome fittings, we have the perfect solution for you. Our matt black fittings feature an innovative powder coating that reflects the matt shade better than alternative processes and has the added bonus of providing ideal scratch and impact resistance.

Solid and reliable

Even in the event of pressure fluctuations in the pipe system, you don’t have to fear any sudden temperature changes.

The benefits of modern thermostat technology:

  • No need to change or adjust the temperature by hand when the water is running.
  • Helps keep your water and heating costs down.
  • Integrated safety lock at 38°C protects against scalding.
  • Easy and intuitive to use for people of all ages and any physical ability.
Providing safety
where it is truly essential

We provide additional safety in places where it is truly essential, such as hotels, care homes, hospitals or households with small children. The temperature limiters, which are included as standard with many of our KLUDI concealed thermostat fixtures, are very easy to install. They prevent the water temperature from exceeding 43°C. This eliminates the risk of injuries, even when the hot water lock button is accidentally triggered. This system provides the best possible safety.



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